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For all those who remember my rant a few months ago.....

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HenniPenni · 02/05/2006 11:18

about not having any calls etc? Well, as you may remember I was waiting for two mindees to start in september? Have just had a phone call asking if one can start next week!!!! (only for a few hours per week),and the other one (the full timer)is coming to sort out paper work etc the following week.

I hope that I'm not tempting fate here, but at last it's looking up!! Yeah!!

OP posts:

jellyjelly · 02/05/2006 11:33

Well done to you, i want a part timer just for a few hours so keep your fingers crossed for me.


HenniPenni · 02/05/2006 11:42

Thanks jellyjelly, will certainly keep my fingers crossed for you.

How is the leg these days? We seem to be having probs with DD3 allergies again- yet another trip to gps and this time will demand a referal for allergy testing!! and to cap it all fairly certain that DD1 is starting with hayfever (never had it before)- just in time for her year 6 sats!!

OP posts:

jellyjelly · 02/05/2006 11:50

Things with my leg are better i got off my crutches 3 weeks ago and started work back last week and it is now agony as i have to carry lots lots more walking, i am glad to be back but it feels like it is killing me.

Good luck with the allergy testing, not sure if it will help but boots have reduced all of their hayfever stuff and are doing good deals.

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