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Variation on Registration- Is this easy to do??

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mrspitt · 30/04/2006 16:50

I'm in scotland so not sure if its different but basically i am registered for 4 kids but want to increase to 5 because i have 3 of my own under 5 years.

Just not sure if this is granted easily or not. I've not had an inspection apart from my pre-registration one and thought this might go against me, no idea what the criteria is.
Anyone got any advice?

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looneytune · 30/04/2006 16:59

Not sure about Scotland but will firstly say that Ofsted seem to decide what they want, when they want, with no set rules for everyone which is REALLY annoying!!! (sorry, we've been having a bit of a rant about Ofsted recently Wink)

HOWEVER, I'm afraid I'd be very surprised if anyone would actually agree to this with you being very new (unless maybe you have years of childcare experience?)

Usually if you have 3 under 5 of your own, you will only be allowed the school aged children as you've got your quota - unless it's different in Scotland?

We do have Scottish minders on here so I'm sure they'll be along to advice at some point :)


mrspitt · 30/04/2006 17:03

No we're the same on the 3 under school -age but ds goes to school in august and i have a lady coming to visit on tues about her baby not even born yet! and her 11 year old ds who might need before school care. Don't want to say i def can't do both just yet!

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looneytune · 30/04/2006 17:05

How old is your ds? Will he be attending mornings and afternoons?


looneytune · 30/04/2006 17:08

If it's the same then the 11 year old won't be a problem as they are over 8 so don't count in your numbers. If you come back and say that your ds is 4 and WILL be attending mornings and afternoons (rising 5's or whatever they call it) then for the purpose of your childminding, he will count as an over 5 - but you will need to inform Ofsted when he starts so your certificate can be updated!


mrspitt · 30/04/2006 17:08

Not got years of childcare experience either!

Well officially i registered or at least thought i had about a year ago but never received a certificate from the care commission.
Anyway chased them up in March about this and they sent one out dated for march 06 so i'm unsure as to whether that is the date i am ACTUALLY registered from!

Think Care Commission do what they like too. Was told didn't receive cert because the person who was dealing with me had left!!

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mrspitt · 30/04/2006 17:10

Ds will be 5 in October and willnot come into the under 5's once he attends school. It's 4 weeks of mornings then all day after that.
Don't know about the under 8 thing though??

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looneytune · 30/04/2006 17:16

Ok. Here it is once they attend 10 Early Years sessions, i.e. mornings and afternoons so it sounds like maybe in September he'll count as over 5? My ds has just turned 3 and is doing mornings Mon-Fri. Once he turns 4 and does afternoons too, I'll be able to take another under 5 yr old.

I'm presuming if you are reg'd for 4 kids then that's 7 in total if include your own?

If so, your 3 are under 5 at the moment so the other 4 are for children aged between 5-8. SO, if you took the 11 year old, you'd still be able to take 4 more (although, you need to be able to cope with the extra iyswim)


looneytune · 30/04/2006 17:18

this is all if yours work the same way


Isyhan · 30/04/2006 19:46

Isnt space or planning permission requirements a factor also? I dont know?


mrspitt · 30/04/2006 21:15

No the 4 i am registered for include my own aswell.So really i only have one place at the mo for a school age child.
Ds goes to nursery 5 mornings a week and when he starts school in august it will be 4 weeks until lunchtime then full days after that.

I have enough space for another child so i don't know how much that actually factors into it.
I didn't realise it was quite so different up here! My registration is for 4 children aged 0-12 years.

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