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zoeuk1 · 29/04/2006 13:48

are we allowed to put plasters on mindees? i was just looking through all my paperwork and cant find anything that says about this.

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EvesMama · 29/04/2006 13:50

you would have to give parents the specific name of 'that' plaster and ask if it would be ok or would it casue reaction!Shock, then if ok, gain their consent and ask them to sign something to confirm when they collect child to cover your own back!

jellyjelly · 29/04/2006 14:39

Yes in the first aid course i was told you have to put them on until the cut is scabbed over so stop further dirt etc going in it.

Just make sure said child isok with plasters

looneytune · 30/04/2006 15:12

We weren't told that in our first aid course, just that you have to use hypoallergenic plasters. My childminders first aid kit from ABC Medical Services came with these.

jellyjelly · 30/04/2006 17:04

The way it was explained by premed was because they had a case after a minder didnt put a plaster on for the duration and then the child got an infection blah blah etc.

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