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Isyhan · 28/04/2006 10:42

another question- if someone only minded children for 1 hour a day and received payment but were not registered would that be ' against the law' whichever law it is?

OP posts:

HappyMumof2 · 28/04/2006 11:14

I think's it's only if you are minding for over 2 hours for payment (might be 3hrs...)


looneytune · 28/04/2006 12:54

I think over 2 hours too?


nannynick · 29/04/2006 09:38

Period is 2 hours, defined as follows:

(7) This Part does not apply in relation to a person who acts as a child minder, or provides day care on any premises, unless the period, or the total of the periods, in any day which he spends looking after children or (as the case may be) during which the children are looked after on the premises exceeds two hours.

Link to \link{\Care Standards Act 2000}

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