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Don't you just hate having to send mindees home poorly

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puppy · 27/04/2006 10:50

I just have had to send my 1yr old mindee home, He is cutting his molars and was in alot of distress despite teething gel and calpol, poor thing just was not settled even when his dad picked him up. I could have cried for him Sad. bless him.

OP posts:

Saz73 · 27/04/2006 12:46

Yeah I know what you mean, I've got a 2.5 yr old at the mo and in two minds to send him home. His problem is that his parent has sent him in tight shoes and everytime I put them on he cries and worst of all that we have to walk to school today!! What would you do?


starlover · 27/04/2006 12:47

saz... can'[t you put him in the buggy?


Saz73 · 27/04/2006 12:49

I look after 2 other boys (1 my own) but they are younger and go in the double buggy.


starlover · 27/04/2006 12:51

is it a long walk? have you got any friend who mihgt be able to lend a pair of wellies or anything in a bigger size?

i'd definitely say something to the parents, whatever you decide to do!


puppy · 27/04/2006 12:56

I agree with starlover, I would have a little word with his parents, poor thing.

Have spoken to mindees father, they have finally managed to settle him and they think the calpol has kicked in, he has had a good sleep in his cot.

OP posts:

Saz73 · 27/04/2006 12:58

I've just tried him with a red pair of my DD wellies and they seem to be ok.

I've spoken to the parents a couple of weeks as we had the same problem and they got him new shoes but for some reason he's turned up today in the old ones. I will speak to them tonight.


starlover · 27/04/2006 13:01

maybe you could have an "accident" with the shoes? lol


Saz73 · 27/04/2006 13:04

Good idea, the garden is very muddy today. Think I'm just having a bad day .... one of my mindees I take to school M/Th and Fr didn't go to school yesterday and the teacher asked him why and said his dad wouldn't get out of bed!!! Teacher has asked me to talk to his father. Just hope my day can get better from this point on :)


puppy · 27/04/2006 13:04

Hope all goes well saz let us know how you get on, at least he has some wellies he can wear that won't cause blisters. Smile.

I had a similar problem with a 18mth old I looked after last year, she was wearing body suits aged 3-6 months and was so restricted. I pointed it out to the grandmother and she just gave a sigh ( at the mother not me mentioning it) they terminated contract shorty after.

OP posts:

puppy · 27/04/2006 13:06

lol @ starlover Grin
Shock surely its the teachers job to have a word with the father, not you.

OP posts:

starlover · 27/04/2006 13:06

actually, he may already have had an accident with the new shoes... hence wearing the old ones? odd though.

and Shock at the teacher asking YOU to speak to the other child's father! surely that's her job, nothing to do with you


Saz73 · 27/04/2006 13:07

The teacher knows me well (DD teacher as well) but it makes me laugh as he only started there on monday!


MrsBigD · 27/04/2006 13:30

re old tight shoes... might be that your mindee found them again and wanted to wear them? though very unlikely as you're saying he cries whenever you put them on.

DD has a pair she will not give up but thankfully they're open toed sandals so not too tragic :) Tried getting rid of them but she noticed them missing! hell broke loose

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