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Childminder rates in Twickenham (West London)

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GoneCrackers · 27/04/2006 08:48

I know the chance is very small. But I was wondering if there are any childminders on here from Twickenham. Can you tell me what the usual proce is for 2 kids, full time? Or even any parents who use a childminder in Twickenham?

I've looked on the childcarelink website and no one seems to give their rates.

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GoneCrackers · 27/04/2006 12:38


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CountessDracula · 27/04/2006 12:41

I am not far from you (East Sheen) they are £6 to £7 per hour here

Don't know about discounts

cacahuete · 24/07/2009 21:51

I am looking for a childminder around east sheen area for end of Jan 2010..I basically need someone between 5 to 10 days a month .I work for airline industry so would not be the same days every month.I can let you know a month n advance though what days i would need.
A roster example would be a block of 5 consecutive days at the beginning of the month (8am- 5pm) and another block of 5 days at the end of the month.
I will pay £50 / day
Give me a call on 07969897796 if you are interested and we could have a chat.
thank you!

AtheneNoctua · 25/07/2009 17:02

This thread is 3 years old! I think you should post a new one asking for general advice on those hours being compatible with a local childminder.

I think you are going to struggle, to be honest. Childminders will generally have spaces available on certain days and can only accommodate changes if they aren't already full on the others. So may or may not be able to accommodate your changing days.

In East Sheen I think you are looking at about £7 per hour for one child. For a 9 hour day, that is £63, not £50. And that doesn't even bring into the equation the inconvenience for wanking hours that change at a month's notice.

You might find someone who is willing to be flexible, but I think you will have to pay more.

AtheneNoctua · 25/07/2009 17:04

OMG, I'm so sorry. That was meant to say ..."wanting hours that change at a month's notice"

wanting, not wanking... WANTING

cacahuete · 27/07/2009 23:36

hahahah..thx Athene...u are probably right but hopefully i can find someone...and i did get that u meant WANTING and not

poppy34 · 28/07/2009 21:01

isn't there an agency that specialises in dealing wtih childcare for those in teh airline industry - am sure I have read about it on threads here before.

poppy34 · 28/07/2009 21:02

flyingtots its called.

cacahuete · 29/07/2009 11:00

oh really???thx poppy!....i m gonna have a look now!..x

cacahuete · 29/07/2009 12:52

poppy34 u are the best! thx for the info...had a look at the website and looks quite professional..did u use them or know anyone that used them before?...just wrote them an email and called but no answer yet...take care!x

poppy34 · 29/07/2009 18:13

Don't know anyone personally who has used them but have heard them talked about so must be quite well established. Good luck

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