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cm club preschool drop off

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Isyhan · 26/04/2006 16:28

A mum has approached me to drop her 2 children off at school but not to pick them up. If I accept do you think I will be able to find anyone who wants collection only because I dont want to accept and then I cant fill my school collection slot.

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LoveMyGirls · 26/04/2006 18:26

what about doing it on a short term basis while she finds someone else? then you get a few pounds while you're waiting for someone to fill the space properly and she has a short term solution?


LoveMyGirls · 26/04/2006 18:27

meant to say be prepared for her to say no but then you have the chance she might say yes ......


FeelingOld · 26/04/2006 18:34

I have 1 after schooler mon-fri and don't take them in a morning as mum doesn't start work unti 9am. Several of my childminder friends do pick-ups and not drop offs as well so there are people out there who need it.


diddle · 26/04/2006 18:49

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ThePrisoner · 26/04/2006 19:13

Like diddle, I have some children who do before school, some who do after school and some who do both! I think most minders I know do the same.


mumlove · 26/04/2006 19:19

Will she need you to care for them in the holidays?


looneytune · 26/04/2006 20:01

I also currently have one mindee I just pick up for (nursery sessions), will be changing to drop off too soon but just wanted to say some people are able to drop their children themselves but need someone to collect!


Isyhan · 27/04/2006 08:05

Thanks for that. That is helpful.

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