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Which Nanny Tax company do you use ?

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AngelaD · 25/04/2006 19:31

Are the cheapest ones OK ?
Or is it simple enough to do it yourself ?

OP posts:

mrsdarcy · 25/04/2006 19:37

I used Nannytax and didn't think they were that great tbh, and they were quite expensive (it was a few years ago).


RedTartanLass · 25/04/2006 19:44

Angela, I'm sure it is pretty easy to do it yourself, but for about £135 annual fee you get, templates for contracts, wage slips posted out etc etc. Also you get an £150 Inland Revenue incentive payment. So you don't end up paying anything Grin

When I was looking for a Nanny Tax company, they were the only one who was still answering the phone at 9pm!! I found them very helpful and gave me loads of advice on that intial call when they didn't know if I was going to use them or not.



RedTartanLass · 25/04/2006 19:46

\link{\Here's the link} for Paye for Nannies.


ChicPea · 25/04/2006 19:47

NannyWage: £99 + VAT. If you google it you will find it. NannyTax very expensive and unnecessary.


AngelaD · 25/04/2006 19:58

Thanks RTL

OP posts:

jura · 25/04/2006 22:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Uwila · 27/04/2006 08:10

\link{\Nannypaye} is good. Cheaper than nanny tax and has always been very good with the payroll. Not quite so knowledgable on employment law.

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