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Advice re nanny birthday pressie

4 replies

RonitZilkha · 25/04/2006 13:54

Our lovely nanny will be 21 next month
I was planning on giving her a cash bonus but also needed a small gift to accompany this (as is always nice to get something to unwrap.

any suggestions as turning 21 seems such a long time ago?

OP posts:

MrsBigD · 25/04/2006 14:03

It's been a long time since I was 21 Grin

smelly stuff?
Concert/Show tickets?
day off? Grin
small bracelet?


RonitZilkha · 25/04/2006 14:08

day off already sorted
i think the bracelet idea is good, perhaps accesorize will have something suitable

OP posts:

MrsBigD · 25/04/2006 14:09

or Debenhams :) I got a lovely pair of earrings with matching v-drop necklace that looked like real with diamonds! (fake of course) and set me back £20 alltogether :)


Uwila · 25/04/2006 14:12

Ask her nanny friends what they think she would like. Maybe a gift certificate to a restaurant youknow she likes. Or something from the kids?

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