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Childminding and registering for tax

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ssd · 22/04/2006 14:36

I only earn £70 a week, so I've not registered. I was told if I earn below the threshold of £95 not to bother.

Not sure what's right, anyone got any advice?

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BadHair · 22/04/2006 14:54

I'm not a childminder but I run a small business on the side, and I earn considerably less than you. I've had to register for tax and NI, but applied for a Small Earnings Certificate, which declared me tax and NI exempt.

Call the IR Self Employment Contact Centre on 0845 9154655 - they're the ones who told me what I had to do.

ayla99 · 22/04/2006 16:55

I earned less than £2000 per year for the first 2 years and still had to register. The IR told me I had to register as soon as a child had attended the setting. Mind you, I had to phone several times before talking to someone who seemed to have half a clue!

I had to apply for an exemption certificate so I didn't pay NI and I have had to submit a tax return each year which shows I didn't earn enough to pay tax. (except last year Sad)

bonkerz · 22/04/2006 17:01

If you are working as a childminder then you HAVE to register with the tax office. You can get a small earning exemption certificate so you dont pay NI and then do your tax return and wont pay tax if you havent earnt much. A childminder friend has just been prosecuted for not registering even though her income was below £3000 last year and she wouldnt have paid tax anyway! Dont risk it. It takes one person to find out you are not registered and you can be in alot of trouble!

ssd · 22/04/2006 17:26

I'm registered but not starting childminding till August.

Should I register now or nearer the time?

OP posts:
HappyMumof2 · 22/04/2006 17:32

I'm registered for tax (and pay NI) and earn around the same amount as you.
I have just completed my tax return and don't have to pay tax but you must register for it anyway.

looneytune · 22/04/2006 17:49

You have to register any business within 3 months of trading (so for you, within 3 months of starting to earn). That's what I've always been led to believe and what they told me on the phone! I'd do it as soon as you start again to be on the safe side so you don't forget. :)

bonkerz · 22/04/2006 18:38

imconfused! Are you a registered childminder and already earning £70 per week OR not registered but earning anyway?????

looneytune · 22/04/2006 18:46

I'm guessing receiving retainer money in which case, I'd probably let them know now. Correct me if I'm wrong though Wink

HappyMumof2 · 22/04/2006 19:57

I thought you were already a cm ssd?

looneytune · 22/04/2006 20:05

Think she stopped but decided to take on the one new one?

ssd · 23/04/2006 11:21

sorry for the confusion!!

I am a registered cm but not minding at present but hoping to start again this August.

So just now I'm working in Tesco and earning about £70 a week, I am of course registered there but don't pay tax as not earning enough. Wasn't sure if I had to register again separetely?

But in August if I'm minding I'll need to register (I'll be giving up Tesco then.)

Does that make sense?

OP posts:
looneytune · 23/04/2006 15:10

Yes. Being paid by Tesco would mean they have you on proper payroll so not, no need to register. Once you start minding, you will. :)

ssd · 24/04/2006 07:34


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