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Childminders Club: Giving Notice for a Day Off - advice please

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looneytune · 21/04/2006 13:36

Hi there.

Since I started childminding in July last year, I haven't taken any holiday. I've finally decided I want a day off at the end of May for the bank holiday so I have a nice 4 day break :)

How do you normally approach parents about this?

Just tell them?
Ask them if ok?
Tell them and put in writing?
Just put in writing?

God knows why I feel bad having 1 day off after nearly 10 months but I do - really worried how the parent will feel (not that they have to pay!)

Anyway, would love some advice about how you deal with this. If you do letters, how do you word it? Something like 'I hereby give xxx notice that I will be on leave on xxx'???

Thanks :)

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Booh · 21/04/2006 13:41

I always tell them - and put it in writing when I do their monthly bills! That way they can't forget!

MrsBigD · 21/04/2006 14:18

I used to have a cm and didn't mind if she took the odd day off, she was entitled to it :) All I wanted was enough notice :)

Go for it!

looneytune · 21/04/2006 15:24

Thanks. I will mention to the dad (mum isn't collecting tonight) and have a letter with the diary etc.

I know I shouldn't feel bad, think it's just because the baby I have on the day I'm having off happens to have had several days off already due to his illness, good Friday and one day due to my son being ill. Not that this should stop me having a day off. I'm giving more than the 4 weeks notice plus they don't need to find anyone else as the mum doesn't work, just has me for a break.


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Uwila · 21/04/2006 15:45

You might also see if a childminder friend could take the kids that day. So, when you tell the parents, you could say "I'm planning a day off, but my friend so and so can take them for the day if you are interested" Then, offer to get her registration details and an opportunity to meet them, etc.

My old childminder used to do this and it was a fantastic service. Of course, you would have to know some childminders with vacancies for this to work.

looneytune · 21/04/2006 15:50

Thanks. I do this anyway (i.e. when been ill). This mum has already made it perfectly clear she won't use anyone else but if I didn't know this then of course I would offer this to her as I do to everyone else.

Don't know why but I'm having problems wording my letter. I don't want it to be too formal iyswim.

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ThePrisoner · 21/04/2006 17:44

I would just tell parents that I am having a day off (can't remember when I last took a "day off" though!!) and probably wouldn't put it in writing. When I have two weeks in the summer, I tell parents which dates, but do put those details in writing in my monthly newsletter to parents.

I don't expect parents to put their odd days off, or even their longer holidays, in writing either.

looneytune · 21/04/2006 19:24

Cheers TP, I can't afford any more than the one day off at the mo, dh still not got a job :( Just wanted to take advantage of the bank hol and I only have 1 mindee on a Friday at the moment, every other day I'm full which would mean more lost income iykwim.

I did a letter in the end but casually worded. Problem I have is the mum looks after everything and the dad even says oh, xxx looks after that. He forgets to pass messages on etc etc. but I won't be seeing her for a couple of months as she can't drive. Therefore felt safer having it in writing.

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