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CM CLUB- How do you encourage good behaviour?

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LoveMyGirls · 14/04/2006 10:35

Apart from giving lots of praise what else can you use? are you allowed to use sticker charts etc? or is this seen as competitive? thanks

OP posts:

Katymac · 14/04/2006 10:45

I use sticker charts/white choc buttons/special stickers - any thing I can think of

Good luck


ThePrisoner · 17/04/2006 17:59

If you used sticker charts, for instance, to help one child with their behaviour, I think you should have sticker charts for all the children (so rewarding all children for good/acceptable behaviour, and not "picking" on one particular child).


ayla99 · 18/04/2006 09:34

Give praise twice over, - once when you saw the behaviour & again when telling mum/dad when collected, involve the child in this conversation.

I've looked after children that weren't allowed sweets so I don't often use them as rewards now. You can use hugs & cuddles, letting child be waiter at snack time, letting child choose first story or song/instrument at story/music time or choosing the next table activity.

I agree with TP about having a chart for each child - i've done this with my own children and they had different "targets". I haven't used sticker charts for mindies as yet but I do put stickers on their jumpers/tops if they've behaved exceptionally well or remembered a rule they were having trouble with.


alison222 · 18/04/2006 14:44

stickers on jumpers is a good one . the school children often come home with them - or stamps on their hand and they are SO proud.

I haven't tried it with the childminded children yet - most too litle and the school aged one too well behavedGrin

My own children often have sticker charts - with no ohter reward than the sticker - but they love the fuss and attention they get from it.

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