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Thinking of becoming a childminder...?

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sandraa · 12/04/2006 20:24

Hello everyone! I am a new mummy of a 6 weeks baby boy and I am already dreading going back to work... As an alternative I am thinking of registering as a childminder. I would like to take care only of 1 or 2 babies/ toddlers ... does anybody think it is a good idea? How much can I expect to make?
I live in a rented flat with no garden, would that be a problem?
I am french... would that be a advantage or an inconvenient?

PLEASE help I am so confused!!! XXX Thanks Sandra
[email protected]

OP posts:

EvesMama · 12/04/2006 20:27

hi sandra

contact your local child information service or council, they will give you info on courses you can do/prices etc and you can then explain your home circumstances and ask their advice.
i think its a great idea, ive just completed my course but have to wait until we move to new house before i register.

good luckSmile


jellyjelly · 12/04/2006 22:39

I think another language would be very beneficial to the parents, i would love my son to learn another language.

Has anyone explained the ratios and ages of children? You can look after one baby under one (yours) and then 2 under 5 = 3 under five.

The garden wouldnt be a problem as long as you can assure the ofsted person that you will be giving the children lots of oportunities to run around outside and be in the fresh air.

Have you looked on Childcare link to check out the pay rates of local minders.


ThePrisoner · 12/04/2006 22:50

As the others have already said, \link{\Childcarelink} should be your first step - check out your area, which should give you a rough idea of what local minders are charging (information may not necessarily be up-to-date). Many areas have a "do I want to be a childminder" type of course now, and they would be able to tell you.

Being French certainly wouldn't be a disadvantage, I would imagine that lots of parents would love the idea of their children "learning" the language.


jellyjelly · 13/04/2006 07:17

you could advertise in french clubs in your area to other french parents, that could be good.


sandraa · 13/04/2006 08:17

Thank you everyone for your messages!

I do feel better now. I had a look at the childcare website and was pretty impressed.

I will register for the course soon and hope to start minding children in september.

I live in Staines and chilminders around here charge around 3.5/ 4 pounds an hour. It is really good!

It will be great to be able to stay with my baby!

xxx sandra

OP posts:

EvesMama · 13/04/2006 08:23

when i began my course i was shocked by how much i would need to know, thought it was going to be like babysitting, but theres so many do's and donts now..but thats a good thing, makes it very interesting and my first aid course was fab!
see my thread on training after icp, im currently working with 'FOCUS' to gain and nvq in the business planning side

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