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where can i find local events to meet parent/children/possible mindees?

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EvesMama · 12/04/2006 20:14

have tried surestart and cis websites but cant find much info and am trying to create an interest before i get registered as CM

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ThePrisoner · 12/04/2006 22:56

Your library/health visitor may have details of things like toddler groups etc. where parents would go. Our local CIS has information on all child-related activities as well (toddler groups, music groups, signing groups etc.) I assumed that all CIS centres do this??

All my work these days comes via word-of-mouth and via local groups that I attend, so I think it is important to be out and about so that prospective parents can see you "in action".


EvesMama · 13/04/2006 08:25

yeah, thats what i was looking on web for..local groups and events.
with me not living anywhere near that area at minute its hard to get to diff places to find groups so i try web first..even library site has nothing..ill maybe give them a call instead as perhaps they dont regulary update the websites..thanksSmile

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