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Childminder Club: Mindees parents late

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looneytune · 11/04/2006 18:47

Supposed to be here at 6.30pm and my policy states I charge for every 15 mins late. I've never charged before but I need to toughen up I think.

I must admit I'm more fed up this time as I now have a toddler (my ds) screaming upstairs as daddy is getting him ready for bed but he wants to say goodbye to mindee :( Also, it's been a very long day and mindee been very grizzly so I really want my day to end asap (had her since 6.45am) :(

Are you all big softies like me or do you make them pay??? Have a go at me for being soft if you like WinkGrin

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bonkerz · 11/04/2006 18:55

is it the first time they have been late? Maybe just remind them about the charge and say if it happens again you will charge.

looneytune · 11/04/2006 18:59

First time this one has been late. I'm actually worried because I'm really surprised they haven't called. Not sure what time baby normally has next bottle but I'm sure it's around nowish.

Dh is furious!!! But I've just had a go and said something could be wrong. Hope not, hope it's just traffic and rain!

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looneytune · 11/04/2006 19:00

Think I'll text as they are normally early and now it's half hour late

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looneytune · 11/04/2006 19:11

Just turned up.

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jellyjelly · 11/04/2006 19:14

What was thier reason, 45 minutes is a long time.

looneytune · 11/04/2006 19:17

I know, dh is furious. Couldn't even start hoovering etc. as she was asleep and would have woken up!

Reason - traffic, really sorry, not got your number in my mobile (but she started saying meant to phone first i.e. from work which suggests they were running late???)

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 11/04/2006 19:19

I would always charge if parents were late, but have never charged a higher rate (coz I'm a soft touch).

I do get a bit cross when parents say that they haven't got my phone number - I've got their child!! Wouldn't it be the first thing you'd want so you can get in touch??

looneytune · 11/04/2006 19:23

TP - so hourly rate time 40 mins type thing rather than the £5 per 15 mins in contract?

I must say I was Shock at not having my number. They commute a fair distance (hence the long hours) so more reason to have my number(s) and this is a baby who still needs formula etc. which I don't have as I have bottles provided (I may get some in just in case as no chemist would have been open at this time!)

Back to the hoovering - didn't do whilst waiting as baby was asleep.

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jellyjelly · 11/04/2006 19:24

I would be shocked if a parent turned up 45 minutes late and i cant say i blame your dh for being mad. Are you going to charge them or charge next time.? if they are late again

looneytune · 11/04/2006 19:27

I don't know, dh is like charge, bloody charge (because not an easy child as it is and it really caused major tantrums with ds who loves kissing the babies goodnight!) however I hate all this stuff :( If did as per contract that would be £10 til 7pm, after that it should be £10 per 15 mins. I just don't feel right to charge on first offence so to speak. Maybe I'll make a point of saying they are lucky not to be charged but I'll have to next time

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 11/04/2006 19:28

My contracts do state that I charge a much higher rate for late collection (unless previously agreed because they have to work late).

However, if parents are late, then I only charge them the normal hourly rate. If they were 40 minutes late, I would round it up to 45 minutes. If parents were consistently late, then I might suggest a change to the contract.

I ought to be a bit more assertive and charge the higher rate but, as I said, I'm soft too!!

LadySherlockofLGJ · 11/04/2006 19:30

Charge them.

If they had had the wit to have your number, and TBH I am shocked that you have their most precious thing and they do not have your number,anyway I digress.Had rung before leaving the office then my CM would have waived it, but her attitude was no call no leeway.

Gillian76 · 11/04/2006 19:31

Not a CM, but I'd be absolutely Shock and definitely Angry at any parent who had me looking after their child but didn't have my phone number.

Just can't believe that.

I would definitely point out you should be charging them and if it happens again slap on the charges without a second thought.

How rude as well as they know you have a toddler and this is universal toddler bed time, surely?

LadySherlockofLGJ · 11/04/2006 19:32

Sorry that was a rant, read it a few times it makes sense, honest. Grin

RTKangaMummy · 11/04/2006 19:37

Charge them £10 up to 7pm and then the £10 for following 15 mins

So charge them £20

I do and would advise you to as well

Imagine if you had to take your DS to the doctor and were then stuck waiting for them to collect

PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sometimes make me soooooooooooooo Angry

looneytune · 11/04/2006 20:15

Thanks for all your comments, just need to decide what to do. As some of you know, money very tight so the extra would come in handy but I really don't think I could charge the £20. Dh thinks I should though (he's still not calmed down lol Grin).

Will have a good think about it!!

Thanks again :)

OP posts:
LadySherlockofLGJ · 11/04/2006 20:30

£20 that would pay for a takeaway over Easter.

joanna4 · 12/04/2006 00:23

And 20 pounds would at an educated guess ensure that it doesnt happen again!

nicm · 12/04/2006 08:38

i just knew this was a cm club thread when i read the title on the home page!! i don't charge for being late. i know i should but am too soft and i know how bad the traffic can be, but if it's in your contract i would charge.

looneytune · 12/04/2006 08:41

I feel even worse because sometimes when someone else drops off in morning, they come at 7.30 or even 8am (on occasions) so I get to stay in bed a little longer (get informed night before). I know that's their choice but as I gain on those occasions, I feel even worse about charging. Doesn't help the fact that I don't provide invoices for this mindee as they have standing order with my bank so if I charged, I'd have to be paid separately for that.

Maybe this once I'll ask if I can arrange and earlier finish one day to make up for it??? (can you tell I'm a terrible decision maker! BlushGrin)

OP posts:
looneytune · 12/04/2006 08:43

OMG Shock didn't realise there was a link on the home page BlushBlushBlush Never look at those, always come straight into 'talk' section.

Off to hide Grin

OP posts:
Capie · 12/04/2006 09:28

Am a parent - if this is first offence then no don't charge.

BUT am shocked @ how late with no call!!!! Shock and as everyone else has said who would not have their CM's number in their mobile. Think they might be lying! Angry

Definately charge if it happens again! Otherwise some people might take advantage of your soft side.

Might be an idea to have a word as it was SO VERY LATE & say that it is a problem for you with your own toddler being suicide hour and all.

Cannot believe how late they were with no call Shock

FeelingOld · 12/04/2006 09:51

I personally would just charge for the 45 minutes extra you worked this time as it's the first offence, pointing out the late payment part of their contract but saying you will let them off this time but would charge next time.
I too have a £5 per 15 minutes late in my contracts but have never charged it (although if my parents have been late by more than a few minutes they have always phoned.

When incidents like this occur my dh is a bit like yours and says 'charge them and don't be so soft with them', I then point out all of the times he has been late coming home from work and not got paid for it.

looneytune · 12/04/2006 20:09

Thanks :) Not going to charge this time but will point out the problems it caused and say at least a phone call would help!

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