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CM Club - I am right am I not???

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Booh · 10/04/2006 08:47

Hello all

Oh - just thought I doubt that any of you will have any time to reply as it is easter hols!!!

Anyhoo - mindee little girl who is 6 months comes to me on a tuesday, but she has a docs appointment this week at 11:30.........mum has said that she will drop her off around 12ish in time for lunch.

But mum wants to make up the time that she misses in the morning - now in my book, I am here available for work, and it is up to her that she is not bringing her, and therefore I do not have to make up the 'lost' time. How can I explain this to mum?

Oh I don't think that mum will pay more if I had her extra hours, plus I am so full I can't really fit her in any other time!

Plus it is a realy pain in the bum a I had planned a day out, and we will have to change it and wait for the little girl to come!!!

OP posts:

nannynick · 10/04/2006 08:55

The parent is paying for a Childcare Place, not for actual childcare itself... so in the event of her not using part of her allocated Place, there this still a charge, a you can't easily Sell the Place to someone else.

Regulations restrict you in the number of Places you can provide, so having additional time during a particular week may not be possible as under normal contract, the parent isn't paying for that additional Place.

Does that help at all?


jellyjelly · 10/04/2006 09:24

Your right not her, if she chooses not to use you for one morning why should you lose out and have to make up the time, you could explain this and then say that you can only look after so many at such a time and thats that and dont apologise as you ahve done nothign wrong.


Tinker · 10/04/2006 09:27

You're right but the mum may be thinking about her lost time and is just not making that clear.


HellyBelly · 10/04/2006 09:31

No way should time be made up - her problem! Also, if you have planned activities out then either she meets you somewhere else or she takes the day off. Again, not your problem and why should other children suffer???

I say all this but I know I'd find it hard to say to parent as I'm a big softy Wink but I wouldn't change my plans, it's not your fault!



pashmina · 10/04/2006 10:17

i'm not a CM, but do use one - she obviously doesn't understand how things work, you are right, she has to pay for the time even if she doesn't use you. you need to point it out now to save a whole lot of problems in the future.


secur · 10/04/2006 10:22

You are right, but as Tinker says could she meanto make up her hours at work?

Sorry about your day trip Sad


anniemac · 10/04/2006 14:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

anniemac · 10/04/2006 14:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EvesMama · 10/04/2006 14:13

did you put sickness and lack of attendance in your contract?
she should be charged full rate(imo) as its her child not being able to attend.
i would explain this to her and give her your contract ref for details if applic, then explain that you cant 'fit' her in another time as you are fully booked and you cannot risk 'over' subscribing as it were as osted rules state you can only mind X amount..does that make sense?


diddle · 10/04/2006 14:19

Booh - she should be paying you for the time she has reserved with you, and any extra hours. She may be thinking of making up her time at work, rather than making up time with you.

I would have a chat with her and explain that if she wants you for extra hours then she will need to pay for those hours, but at present because you are restricted on your numbers you cannot fit her in.

Remember that this is YOUR business, and you are well within your rights to tell her about fees and regulations. she must pay for extra hours. have you signed a contract with her.

I would also mention the fact that you had a day planned and such short notice from her has disturbed that. could you relocate the outing to another day? or could the child come later.


EvesMama · 18/04/2006 21:43

what happend then?Smile

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