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CAS scheme and training - what's fair for me/nanny to pay?

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florenceuk · 05/04/2006 11:31

Am in process of hiring nanny and to make it worthwhile, want her to go through the Childcare approval scheme so I can use my vouchers. I have offered to pay for the actual registration fee (£118!) and the cost of the first aid course up to £100. Should I also pay her for the two days she is going on the course? I was going to cover at least one of the days as it is during the week and one of the days is the day she is meant to be nannying, so I will have to take this as leave. Also offered to look after her DS when she is on the course, although he may not be so keen as he doesn't know me at all! What do nannies think?

OP posts:

nannyj · 05/04/2006 13:23

If my bosses wanted me to do it i would expect them to pay everything, unless there is some way it benefits her. Sorry don't know much about the scheme. Doesn't she already have a first aid certificate?


nannyj · 05/04/2006 13:25

Sorry meant to add i think it's very generous of you to offer to look after her child Smile


alexh · 05/04/2006 13:58

I am going through this process at the moment with my nanny and I will be paying for everything.


florenceuk · 05/04/2006 13:59

Well, the first aid certificate is valid for 3 yrs - so not just beneficial to me. However, I'm covering most of the costs, just not all. she doesn't have one because CAS requires a pediatric first aid course, and her NVQ thingy didn't cover it (also too long ago, must be a valid certificate).

OP posts:

madchad · 05/04/2006 14:14

We will have a 3 day a week nanny, so we will be paying 3/5 of the CAS cost as she is a nanny elsewhere the other two days.
For most companies, training takes place in work time, although as a P/T employee I sometimes have to give up my time if it takes place on days off. I am entitled to time in lieu.
I think if you're looking after her child one of the days, common sense and fairness would dictate that there would be no extra pay for the non-nanny day.
I suggest you take the bull by the horns and talk about this-she may be wondering too!
I am now going to make sure there is a training clause in our nanny contract, hadn't thought of it.


nannynick · 06/04/2006 00:25

Not sure where you are getting the registration fee of £118 from... fee was £96 and from this month went up to £99. \link{\See CAS Latest News}

With regard to First Aid course, shop around for a good price. If you are based in a city, it can sometimes be worth a commute to a nearby town to get a much lower price. For example, in London courses can cost £140 or more, whereas in Surrey, the same course would cost £70-£80 - so could be worth the train fare!

As the scheme really only benefits the employer, I feel you are right to pay. I feel you are being generous in paying for the First Aid Course, as knowing about First Aid is part of any childcarers job.

Paying your nanny for the days spent attending the course is also very generous, and I'm sure your nanny will appreciate it a lot.

As others have said, if you are providing childcare for your nanny... then I don't really think it's right that you also pay your nanny. You are already being generous in paying for the First Aid course, and if you didn't look after your nannies DS, then your nanny would have to find alternative childcare.


Uwila · 06/04/2006 17:21

If my company offered the vouchers (which they don't Angry) I wouldn't pay for any of this. It would be a condition of getting the job. However, if it was up for renewal whilst she was in my employment, I would pay for the renewal registration (£99).

But, since I don't get vouchers, this registration is of no use to me. So it isn't a problem.

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