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have decided to register for overnight care

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bigisbeatifulwasoldandfat · 31/03/2006 12:30

I have decided to register for overnight care, does anybody else do this and how the hell do i word the letter???? had enough trouble with OFSTED over varriation.

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babydales · 31/03/2006 17:14

I do it, what letter are you trying to word?


bigisbeatifulwasoldandfat · 31/03/2006 20:37

letter to ofsted to explain how i would cope good at letters.

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babydales · 01/04/2006 16:22

I didnt write a letter to Ofsted as I registered when I had my inspection. All the woman wanted to know was what equipment I had ie travel cot etc, If the windows locked, how I would stop the children from falling down the stairs and if I had a baby monitor thingy etc. I registered for just the one child even though I have the room for 2 or 3 but thought 1 would be enough to start with. Hope this helps.


bigisbeatifulwasoldandfat · 01/04/2006 16:48

thanks. i will give them a call

OP posts:

ayla99 · 01/04/2006 18:43

Have you had a visit from the Fire Officer? Mine told me if I register for overnight care then all the smoke alarms need to be connected so if one goes off they all go off.

I'm not registered for overnight care myself but I've seen some childminders have policies in place about ensuring privacy of child when changing or in bath and hygiene (own flannel & towel, clean bed linen, own bed) and security (locking up before retiring, being aware of appropriate fire exits etc).


babydales · 02/04/2006 08:04

Nope no visit from a Fire Officer, she just asked if the smoke alarms worked. I have two spare rooms so she could see that any children would have their own rooms, beds etc and I do not have different policies than I have normally for overnights, the policies you mentioned are standard anyway.


lunavix · 02/04/2006 20:32

I registered when I started so I don't know really... they did register me for one but I mind twins so they upped it to 2 although it doesn't say it has to be them...


lunavix · 02/04/2006 20:33

I might add I've never had a kid overnight, plus don't actually have anything for them to sleep in. Would have to arrange something in a hurry if was needed.

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