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Childminder's Club: So what's more important?

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Katymac · 29/03/2006 16:06

Your job or your child?

I have a 2yo with terrible diahorrea

I phoned the mum, she can't leave work as she is too busy...could I just drop her child off at her mums
Well actually no I can't I have 5 other children to look after and i can't just troop off to anothe village 5 miles away (even if it wasn't raining)

So poor child (instead of being cuddled up on mummy lap,) is in a travel cot in my formal lounge watching Ceebeebies.

I can't let her stay in their without the cot as it's not child proof
I can't drop her home
Mum won't arrive until 6:30

Do I give her notice?

OP posts:
LoveMyGirls · 29/03/2006 16:38

hummmmmm i'd be tempted and as you have lots of other offers its not like you need to be doing her a favour. imo if someone asks you to pick up your sick child then you go and pick them up or at least arrange for someone else to even if her mum had to get a taxi there and back.

to leave the child with you is not on at all for a start you cant afford to be ill, its not fair on the other children or the 2yr old - he needs one to one attention that you simply cannot give him.

Katymac · 29/03/2006 16:48

She signed a contract to say that she would collect her if she were ill

I'm so annoyed (and sorry for he baba)

I can't even cuddle her myself as I have a bowel disorder and could end up ill for weeks

OP posts:
diddle · 29/03/2006 17:15

I would be very tempted to, has this happened before?? I would have called her back and insisted that she come and collect the child by a certain time, or arrange for someone else too.
You are only doing your job, which is in the childs best interests.

Katymac · 29/03/2006 17:43

She has just left......I did give her notice

I had to be mean to her dd...and it wasn't fair

OP posts:
Katymac · 29/03/2006 17:47

Apparently her boss was in a bad mood

OP posts:
Isyhan · 29/03/2006 17:57

I think your harsh for a first time offence. Or has it happened before? I remember times when I was working where I would get a call half way through the day as my dd had become ill. I lived in fear of losing my job. Literally. Im not saying the poor child should be neglected but I think it can be extremely difficult for women in the workplace. Why no call to the father?

HappyMumof2 · 29/03/2006 18:11

Katymac - you're tough! I suppose you become so over time. I understand completely why you gave notice though btw Smile

joanna4 · 29/03/2006 18:37

If people are not able to comply with the terms of the NEGOTIATED contract then they shouldnt sign it.I know they do as they dont consider anything happening ever and so dont consider the wider implications such as the childminder becoming ill and in turn being unable to work.
You did right to give notice.

Katymac · 29/03/2006 19:32

Happymumoftwo - what exactly should I have done with a very unwell toddler and 5 other "well" children

Let the well ones be infected?

And if next time the child was vomiting, what should I do - I couldn't leave a child being sick by herself

Anyway I have an interview tomorrow am, so I should be able to fill the space - and I have given 4 weeks notice

OP posts:
HappyMumof2 · 29/03/2006 19:58

sorry????? didn't I say I completely understand why you gave notice????

Jensmum · 29/03/2006 21:19

Katymac - I think you did the right thing giving notice, how long will se be off for?

jellyjelly · 29/03/2006 22:00

I think you done the right thing.

Katymac · 29/03/2006 22:23

You did say I was tough......I guess I'm feeling guilty

It's not my least I don't think so

It implys such a lack of resppect on the mum's part

She was going to bring her tomorrow.....I said "I don't think so"Angry - she will be back on Monday (as doesn't do Fridays)

OP posts:
tobysmumkent · 29/03/2006 22:53

Katymac, just to say I think you're right to be upset about being left with an unwell, possibly infectious, child. And that the kiddy's mum needs to have a back-up plan for emergency care for her child.

I used a childminder for 4 years (and have since been a childminder for 4 years). And today is the first day I've ever had to contact a parent to ask them to collect their child (vomited all over himself and my car, poor chap!!). They were brilliant about it, luckily! As you say, it's in the "negotiated" contract!!

Think the parent should have been slightly more pro-active in having a back-up plan for her child, especially as she has a relative nearby, and especially as her boss doesn't sound understanding (I know that's tricky, but surely the boss didn't just become unsympathetic today?).

don't feel guilty, you need to protect your health and your other mindees!

ThePrisoner · 29/03/2006 22:59

I personally wouldn't have given notice, although I do understand and appreciate your reasons for doing so.

I mind for parents who would sometimes be unable to collect children at short notice (because of the nature of their jobs or how far away they are working), whatever we have have agreed to in our contracts. I believe that one of the positive reasons for having a childminder is that we are, usually, a lot more flexible than a nursery.

No, we are not supposed to mind sick children, but it is a fact of life that children get sick. In the ideal world, parents will race here and collect their child. Unfortunately, that isn't always practical.

All the parents I mind for know that I will care for their child if the same situation arises for them, if they cannot get here immediately. It has happened very very rarely.

I don't think you should feel guilty, your parents know the score! How did the mum take being given notice? (And don't be cross with me for having a different opinion!!)

FeelingOld · 29/03/2006 23:04

KM - speaking as a childminder I think you have every right to be upset at this, if your sickness policy states parents will be contacted and should arrange for their child to be collected then thats what they should do.

Speaking as a mum I don't care what mood my boss was in, if my child was ill there is no way I would not collect them (have had to do in the past before I was a childminder), even if I have only popped out to pick them up and drop them at my mum's if they are not too unwell. I feel so sorry for the poor child Sad

Katymac · 30/03/2006 07:22

She was quite upset TP

And DH says if she asks to stay she can....but she must sort out a method of collecting her in future

We are wondering if she wants to leave an envelope of money here and her mum can get a taxi, collect child & envelope and return home and pay the taxi. She can't leave spare money at home appaently.

But I'm not suire if I can bring up "do you want to stay?"

OP posts:
HappyMumof2 · 30/03/2006 07:26

I meant it in a nice way Katymac - honestly Smile like I have admiration for cms that can stick to their guns,iykwim. I was discussing sickness etc with some of my friends who are cms are they were saying I need to toughen up, so I respect that you have stuck by your contract.

It is very hard for working parents, I understand that too though Smile

Katymac · 30/03/2006 08:19

SorrySadWink - I am over sensative atm...cos of all the trouble with DD

OP posts:
HappyMumof2 · 30/03/2006 12:24

Smile that's ok, you don't have to apologise

Feistybird · 30/03/2006 12:30

Katymac - as a working parent I think that parent's attitude was unacceptable.

Katymac · 30/03/2006 12:35

Thanks Feistybird

OP posts:

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ssd · 30/03/2006 14:38

KM, I think you did completely the right thing.

I feel v. sorry for the little 2 yr old, can't imagine a mum not rushing home for a sick child, don't care if you're running the country, your kids come first. And parents have rights about being allowed time off unpaid for sick kids, so saying her boss was in a mood is lame.

BTW, what's up with your dd? What have I missed?

Katymac · 30/03/2006 15:02

SSD...what have you missed???

Latest threads \link{\here}

\link{\and here}

I did go on about it a bit

OP posts:
Tommy · 30/03/2006 15:07

While you're there....can I just ask a childmining question? My sister's DS has chicken pox caught, she suspects,from the childminder's son who had them a couple of weeks ago. The childminder told my sister that she couldn't have her DS while he had chicken pox - would that be right even though her son had been there with chicken pox?

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