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CM club quick question asap!

6 replies

pol25 · 27/03/2006 19:22

Do you all take one months payment in advance...?
For a new starting child???

OP posts:

Katymac · 27/03/2006 19:24

Yes take the first month

Some take one months deposit as well...I don't

/if they are starting in a long time-do you need a retainer?


HellyBelly · 27/03/2006 19:29

i do too


pol25 · 27/03/2006 19:30

His mum is coming round tomorrow after cancelling once because dad died and she had been called into work...
They are desperate for care as last cm told them she was taking his to nursery and then a month later nursery called up and said that why hadn't * been going and was he v.ill! Mum and dad not happy as had been paying for nursery and cm and he had not been going so ended him going to her.
It's only the second person I have interviewed too and want to be sure of what I should say and decide before hand.
I think I will ask for one month in advance and no second month deposit, it seems alittle pointless.
Well this is all if she likes me!

OP posts:

pol25 · 27/03/2006 19:31

Thank you ladies!

OP posts:

Katymac · 27/03/2006 19:36

That's terrible - what a breech of trust


ThePrisoner · 27/03/2006 20:01

I started minding years ago and never asked for money in advance, which I know is recommended now. I still don't ask for money in advance, but I've never had a problem with parents paying. Other minders I know have had their fingers burnt though!

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