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Another hopeless parent needing your help!!!!!!

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flutterbee · 22/03/2006 15:29

OK so I'm not that hopeless, I was just wondering if you could all give me some rough amounts for how much you would charge for looking after a 5 month old in the south east.

My mum is going to be looking after ds for me and I want to give her the going rate not rip her off.

Hourly amount appreciated. Thanks Grin

OP posts:

Uwila · 22/03/2006 16:20

Do you mean a childminder rate? Probably £4 or £5 an hour.


BradfordMum · 22/03/2006 16:41

Lucky Grandma!!


amynnixmum · 22/03/2006 16:43

Did you realise that if you pay your mum to look after your ds (I think its for more than 2 hours a day) in her home then legally she must be a registered childminder?


kizzypie · 22/03/2006 16:56

If you look at your area on this website you should get a rough idea.


HappyMumof2 · 22/03/2006 17:11

amynixmum, I don't think a grandparent has to register as they are a close relative.

I think £4-£5 per hour, as Uwila has already said. London would be £5-£6.


amynnixmum · 22/03/2006 17:13

When I trained about 5 years ago there were 3 grandmas on the course as they were legally required to register to look after their grandchildren for money - I remember because we all thought it was mad. Things may have changed since then though.


HappyMumof2 · 22/03/2006 17:16

I think a grandparent can register if the child's parent needs to claim tax credits as it has to be a registered carer, but I don't think legally they have to.

I may be wrong but I'm sure this was covered in my training in 2003.


jellyjelly · 22/03/2006 17:35

Where are you in the south? I am in Reading and prices range from 3 - approx 350/375ph


flutterbee · 22/03/2006 19:00

Hi all of you thanks for the replies,

Firslty I'm not going to be claiming any tax credits for childminding fees so my mum doesn't have to be registered.
When I was very little (20-25 years ago) she was a fully registered childminder and had a waiting list a mile long of parents wanting to use her, she has also raised 7 children of her own so I would never ever expect her to go and be patronised and told how to look after children hence the reason why we are not claiming any credits.

We are in the Hastings area at the moment so right on the coast, any more ideas of charges would be appreciated.

OP posts:

HellyBelly · 22/03/2006 19:28

Have a look at the Childcarelink website \link{\here} and just put your postcode in.

HTH :)


Uwila · 22/03/2006 20:09

Oh, this grandparents registering thing is SOOOOOO patronising. It's never going to afffect me as my kids grandparents aren't ever going to look after them (all live too far) but this really irritates me.

Pay her in cash and don't tell greedy Gordon.


jellyjelly · 22/03/2006 20:20

talking of him, when is the budget announced?


flutterbee · 22/03/2006 20:31

Thats what we are planning to do Uwilla (its a secret don't tell anyone).

The budget was done today @ about 12.30pm Grin

OP posts:

MoonLady · 22/03/2006 20:34

As a grandmother who registered in order to support family and start a new career, I found on our course in Wales that they weren't trying to tell you how to look after kids as though you were dim.
It was about taking a professional attitude and having an awareness of the legal framework, child protection, dealing with parents etc etc.


Uwila · 22/03/2006 20:39

But she isn'tlooking after anyone else's kids (I think, correct me if I'm wrong), she's just looking after her grandchild and dealing with her own daughter.

It's nothing but an excuse for Gordon to profit yet further from working parents.


flutterbee · 22/03/2006 20:43

It will only be my son her grandson so none of that is needed, and actually having to go on a training course is what stopped her going back into being a childminder, she's been there done it and bought the t-shirt and could probably teach the teacher a thing or two Grin that's why I'm so glad to have her.

I've been on that website but it has nothing on it about prices just lists of all childminders in ther area, nevermind.

OP posts:

Uwila · 22/03/2006 20:50

You could probably go with £3.50-£4 an hour if you account for the tax she won't be paying. Also, who is going to buy the things required (toys, pram, etc). And what if they go to activities? Who is going to pay those. If I were you I'd probably say £3.50 and I'd pay all the extras.


flutterbee · 22/03/2006 20:54

I will be providing everything needed and if she goes out anywhere with him then of course I will cover that too (however my Mum is great at entertaining for nothing Grin )

I think your right though £3.50 - £4.00 sounds spot on.

OP posts:

Martini · 22/03/2006 23:07

The requirement for grandparents to register as childminders when people are claiming tax credits is surely to reduce the risk of fraudulent claims & other forms of illegal tax avoidance, not just to be patronising.


flutterbee · 23/03/2006 15:52

Oh I totally understand that but it doesn't stop it being a bloody patronising waste of time for most honest hardworking people.

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