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pol25 · 22/03/2006 14:21

I have a prospective parent coming round on Sunday! Yeah, except forgot that it's mothering sunday isn't it???
Also she would''ve come sooner but her dad died on Tues, Do I say anything??? Like i'm sorry?
She lives, I assume nr us but will have to drive to drop her lil one off at pre school and pick up- would anyone else do this???
I only want one child as preg and have dd of 19 mths and don't want to over burden myself- been out of the child care game a while; although did have 5 under fives yesterday for a b'day party! Feeling pooped today because of it Smile... It just seems that he will be perfect although don't want to get my hopes up!
Last interviewee offered me their child there and then although too few hours! (Was only 12 and term time only) I'm kinda hoping that she does the same really and their lil one is adorable!
Felt previous interview went well but the mum and dad were very very chatty and this mummy seems more quiet, when chatted on phone felt like I was pulling teeth; although not sure if it's just because her dad was v.ill and then died. Hoping that this interview goes as well as last one could've lured me into that false sense of security as I produced my policy folder and asked mum and dad if there was anything they wanted to know about me- which covered everything. There were no awkward silences like there maybe this time...
Wishing it was today or tomorrow now just to get it over with and know I had my one and only mindee or not!!!

OP posts:
ssd · 22/03/2006 14:50

good luck with it Pol!

diddle · 22/03/2006 14:54

Congrats on the interview Pol, I would offer my condolences for her loss, and also have something else to chat about after saying that, so there are no awkward silences.
good luck

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