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CM Club - I'm being messed about again!!

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Jensmum · 21/03/2006 16:18

Sorry this is long but I really need to get it off my chest

Last week my mindees were supposed to be here for around 7.45 at 8.15 their mum rang to say that the eldest was poorly so staying at home. My dd then got sent home from school with a temp so I rang mindees mum and explained that dd would be here tomorrow but it's not catching.

She rang me at 8 the next morning to say that youngest was now poorly so staying at home for rest of week. I was fine with this and it was quite lucky as my dd came down with an chest infection.

I tried ringing her monday morning as they were due back and I couldn't get through she finally rang at 8.30 (over half an hour after they were supposed to be here and the time she knows I leave for the school run) to say that the kids weren't coming this week as she's took a weeks holiday.

She sent me a text later that day to ask if I would have mindees on wednesday for a few hours as she has stuff to do and I told her I couldn't as I'd made plans as this has always been my day off. she said she'd get back to me but hasn't and is ignoring her phone so now I don't know when or if she wants me to look after them so can't make any plans.

Not only that but she rang the Saturday before they were ill and left a message saying she had sorted something out about when eldest starts school in September but doesn't want to talk about it over the phone so I've got to wait for her to come round

It's driving me mad and I feel like just packing it in.

Am I being unreasonable refusing to work my day off even though I've got the rest of the week off?

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MoonLady · 21/03/2006 16:32

Just quick comment as on way to ballet, (for mindee not me)!!
no you aren't being unreasonable as you are entitled to a life outside minding! Send a text and ask her to come around to discuss Sept at a time thats convenient for you.
You are providing a much needed service, remember that and have a nice evening, nice bath and large drink Smile

diddle · 21/03/2006 17:15

jensmum - if you have told her that you can't work on wednesday then you can plan whatever you like. go ahead and make a nice day of it for yourself, its just a bonus that her children are off the rest of the week too.

You are not being unreasonable at all.

Tan1959 · 21/03/2006 22:51

I don't think that you are being unreasonable at all - if Wednesday is usually your day off then that is your day off !

LoveMyGirls · 22/03/2006 10:02

i hope you are charging her for the days you should have had the children as its her fault not yours. (maybe charge half for the 1st week as your dd was ill so it made life easier for you and your dd got your full attention)

Jensmum · 22/03/2006 12:15

Thank you for all your replies, there's no problem with payment, she will pay me for it.

She just seems to think I can have her kids at the drop of a hat ans really sulks when I've alaready got plans.

Hoping to have a meeting early next week with her and I'm going to renew the contracts and sort out september.

It doesn't seem that bad today and it really helped to get it all off my chest

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