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Childminders Club - more questions about schoolies!

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lunavix · 21/03/2006 13:41

I have three afterschool boys for roughly two hours a day, five days a week.

I tend to plan a week as one crafty activity, one cooking activity, a trip out (mostly down park/lakes) and then two days of free play. With the activities I give them my undevoted time - we cook together, or do a craft together (not just scribbling, something proper!) on the free play days I leave them be (as on the other days if I'm spending time with under 5s or cooking dinner) but give them choice of activities and if I can join in (board game etc) I do.

Does this sound reasonable?

I'm quite lucky in that one is outdoors-type and apart from my set activities will mostly go out and play with local kids. His brother lives indoors on games consoles and tv (and has v. low attention for crafts etc) and the third is rather hard to please.

The middle one is now coming to me saying 'I'm bored' constantly... even though I offer more to do than he has at home (around 12 suitable ps2 games, lego, books, tv - with good choice lol - board games, colouring, crafts, you name it) and every thing I suggests gets a 'borrrrring'

I'm starting to feel like I'm struggling a bit because of him as the two days I don't organise anything is because I'm usually doing things with the under 5s (else they tend to just stand at stairgate pining for what the older kids are doing and crying) and I'm feeling guilty I'm not constantly keeping him occupied...

During the holidays I plan a lot more, usually get a few new games in, and organise a few new craft activities per day (spend a fortune at baker ross!) but every time an organised activity is over I get a 'boorrrred' again...

Am I doing it all right? A friend seems to think I do too much with them, but I don't think I could do less....

OP posts:

diddle · 21/03/2006 14:03

lunavix - you sound a lot more organised than me. what you are doing sounds pefect, and to be honest the children that need constant attention and playing with i tend to try and get to some sort of middle ground where they will play happily on their own for a period and then entertain them as well. I think a child that wants to do things all the time and gets their own way, isn't learning anything from that. Only that saying they're bored gets them what they want. I know its hard with other peoples children.


Bozza · 21/03/2006 14:08

Sounds reasonable to me. How old is he?

DS's CM doesn't do much with him after school - but I am happy with that as he is only just 5 and the chill-out time is important for him on the 3 days he goes. She does lots of crafts and outings in the holidays though.

Agree with it being the child's own problem if he is bored, to an extent.


lunavix · 21/03/2006 14:11


I just don't want them going home saying they were bored today!

OP posts:

Isyhan · 21/03/2006 19:08

when my child used to go to after school club more than anything I wanted her to have a chill out time. I was more worried about her going to bed exhausted after a long day at school then having to do other activities on top. That used to make me feel guilty because as a working mum I used to think if she was with me I would let her rest.


ThePrisoner · 21/03/2006 21:24

I have quite a few afterschool children (minimum of three), ranging from 5 - 11 years. I do ensure that I have plenty of activities and games for them to help themselves to, as I find that it is impossible to solely devote my time to them as I have some very young under-5s. I ensure that they have different activities/games to choose from each day.

If I am able to play a game with them, then I do (with baby/babies on my lap!) Even if they are amusing themselves, I am always nearby and we have a fairly constant "chatter" between us all.

I think you are doing really well if you are able to devote time solely to the older ones. I do a guilt trip about "leaving" the older children but, thankfully, they do go home and say that they've had a nice time.

How old is the "bored" boy? Does he get on OK with the other boys (and how old are they?) I think I'm lucky as I find that the more you have, the more playmates they actually have to choose from!


rachelross · 21/03/2006 21:46

after starting childminding last week feel sad as after school girl 'had enough going to your house' start the week by offering a list of activities which both my daughter and girl pick and stick on planner, try try again!

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