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Childminders club .....Any ideas re vacancies

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MoonLady · 20/03/2006 10:36

Currently looking after 2 3yr olds full-time, and 1 yr old on 2 days, 2 yr old on other 2 days.
First 3 year old leaving to go to fulltime nursery place at school and parent able to take and pick up so our time together ending. Second 3 year old leaving to go to fulltime nursery place at school and parent wants before and after school care.
Therefore I'll have 1 clear vacancy but what do I do re the other child? If I just do before and after school I'll lose quite a lot of money (30 hours) as I will probably not get asked to care for a child just between the hours of 9 - 3pm.
(PS am ill today & not working & feeling really grotty with chest infection so why do I feel so guilty? Can't even enjoy a day in bed now so closely involved with clients!!!)

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badgerhead · 20/03/2006 11:59

If the child is going to nursery class & not reception then you have every right to charge for the full day not just the before & after school hours, as the child would still be counted as an under five year old & therefore you are highly unlikely to fill that space.Also what is going to happen on inset days & in the holidays, is the mum still going to want you all day then, another reason for paying you for the full day.I certainly wouldn't accept a child for before & after nursery only without some sort of payment during the nursery class hours. If it is a school nursery class she wouldn't be paying for it anyway so could still pay you iyswim.


MoonLady · 20/03/2006 12:15

I thought that would be right but according to other threads I've seen (don't know how to direct you there)other childminders only charge for actual time minded.
Hadn't thought to ask re hols/training days etc so thanks for that. I'll try to get all issues sorted in my head before raising with parents.

OP posts:

Isyhan · 20/03/2006 13:18

Moonlady- I havent seen anyone who doesnt charge for the time the mindee is in nursery and I have been watching quite closely. I also havent met any other cms who dont charge.


Jensmum · 20/03/2006 13:48

I'm in a similar situation, my 3 yr old mindee is starting nursery in september so I would only have him in school holidays as his mum will be able to take him and pick him up.

I know I could and should charge for keeping the place open for him but I don't think I could do it, I'm too soft (that and we were friends for a long time before I started minding)

Sorry I know it's not any help

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