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cm club - I can start to prepare to go back to work.

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jellyjelly · 17/03/2006 16:31

Had a consultants appointment today and he said i can start back whenever i want to. Will be very easy the first few weeks back but it is great news and i cant wait.

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HellyBelly · 17/03/2006 16:36

Great Jelly, you contacted your mindees mum to let her know? Presume CIS still have all your details? Really great that you can start earning again, especially with the wedding coming up! :)


jellyjelly · 17/03/2006 16:38

have got to get rid of one of the sticks then use common sense to get me back up to standing on my own and then ditching the other ones but this is the best news since it happened and i just feel so happy. Did try to see her but she was out so yet to tell her.

Will still look like i have a soiled nappy on for a while but will have lots of empathy for the children!!

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