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Mothers' help...

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handlemecarefully · 16/03/2006 22:43

What can you ask them to do, how do you get hold of one and what is the going rate?

I'd like some help 2 or 3 evenings a week (say from 16.00/ 17.00 - 19.00) to feed the children, play with them and perhaps bath them so that I can crack on upstairs in my office catching up with paperwork that I never get the chance to do.

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starlover · 16/03/2006 22:45

i used to work as one til I had ds. I used to:

make dinner
feed kids
bath little ones
get them ready for bed
make packed lunches for next day
get school uniforms ready for next day

occasionally I used to do light housework, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, bit of ironing


starlover · 16/03/2006 22:45

I was officially paid £5 an hour, but I inevitably stayed longer than my 2 hrs a night! so a bit less


handlemecarefully · 16/03/2006 22:49

Thanks starlover - I would be prepared to pay more than £5 per hour!..was thinking perhaps £8 per hour.

Where is best place to advertise?

OP posts:

starlover · 16/03/2006 22:53

dunno, shame you aren't near me or i'd offer!

i got the job totally by chance, but I have a feeling some of the nanny sites online also do mothers helps.

or, you could place ads in local paper, or local college (partic if they run childcare courses)


handlemecarefully · 16/03/2006 22:58

Thanks, I'll try the local colleges...

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Lasvegas · 17/03/2006 14:15

I found my mothers help when I put a postcard in the local post office. She is a mum / grandma so ideal. I pay £7ph in London. It took about 3 months to find her. Hardly anyone speaks English in London any more. My DD is only 3 and I wanted native speaker. I tried an agency first even though their finders fee was £500 they couldn't help.


handlemecarefully · 17/03/2006 14:58

Thanks Lasvegas - that's an excellent idea. Will try local PO window. They often carry small ads there.

OP posts:

Normsnockers · 17/03/2006 15:18

I will be looking for a Mothers help later in the year and was wondering what you do about tax/national insurance or is it all cash in hand, no questions asked type of work ?


handlemecarefully · 18/03/2006 10:08

I was assuming the latter, I must admit!

OP posts:

Normsnockers · 18/03/2006 10:18

So was I as it would be hard to prove it wasn't a frined just helping you out !


starlover · 18/03/2006 20:22

i was paid cash in hand


TJM · 24/03/2006 13:15

Hi why not try a nannyshare, I needed a part time nanny/mothers help (requirements same as yours) and found a nanny share at
Worked out cheaper and made a new friend.
Give it a go.

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