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Sick Baby - childminder or nursery?

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springerspaniel · 12/03/2006 09:32

My baby has picked up a couple of bugs from nursery recently. He has only been there a couple of months and has had diarrohea 2 or 3 times and now has conjunctivitis. I am happy that he picks up bugs - unavoidable and better immune system by the time he goes to school. BUT my husband and I are having to take loads of time off work. Sometimes, LO has been genuinely ill and I would not really expect anyone except myself of DP to look after him but all last week he had diarrohea but was laughing and giggling as normal. Diarrohea is total nursery ban. I am finding it really difficult to cope with days off at work. Inlaws can come down sometimes but not always. Would a childminder be better?

Am cross posting on nurseries group.

OP posts:

dinny · 12/03/2006 09:35

can't send a sick baby to a childminder either - and surely if he's poorly he should be at home.

a nanny?


HappyMumof2 · 12/03/2006 09:36

answered on your other thread. Exclusion period the same whether cm or nursery - I agree, a nanny might be better for you?


Yorkiegirl · 12/03/2006 09:37

a childminder would still not take your child with diarrhoea or conjunctivitis. My childminder will take my girls with coughs and colds etc but as soon as there is any sign of runny nappies or sickness then I have to keep them at home. Hopefully your DS will start to build up an immunity very soon!


springerspaniel · 12/03/2006 09:37

I know what you mean but last week, he was completely happy all week, he just had diarrohea. It might have even been the old wives tale of teething as I can see his front top tooth about to poke through and he has had red cheeks all week.

OP posts:

springerspaniel · 12/03/2006 09:39

Also Nanny not really an option financially although technically I could possibly stretch to it so am dreading that suggestion from my boss.

OP posts:

serenity · 12/03/2006 09:40

CM (unless you get a very very tolerant one!) would not take a baby with D and/or V either. It really annoys my BF (CM) when her mindees are sent in sick. If she picks it up and then has to have time off ill, she doesn't get paid! She gets even more p'd off if her kids then get sick! It's possible that your DS might pick up less bugs in a home situation than in a Nursery, and a CM will possibly be more flexible with coughs/colds etc, but they wouldn't be any better (with regards to you taking time off work) for things like diarrohea.



HappyMumof2 · 12/03/2006 09:40

he may be happy - but cms have their own children and other people's to think about, diarrohea is not something a cm should be dealing with


nannynick · 12/03/2006 09:43

Not really, as childminders will typically have the same exclusion rules as the nursery, though you may find that some childmidners are more flexible than others.

Illness and young children I'm afraid go hand in hand... you will find that over the next 16 years you will be taking time off work to care for your sick child. Some employers are supportive of this, others are not - but remember that as a parent you do have a right to time off to care for your dependent - see \link{\ACAS Parents At Work leaflet}

Nannies tend to care for sick children, though of course it depends on the seriousness of the illness.

It does get better as the child gets older, their immune system gets stronger and copes better with mild infections. Perhaps talking with other parents at work will help you, as they can say how they cope with their children being ill and the pressures of needing to be at work and perhaps know the best way to approach the issue with your particular employer.


springerspaniel · 12/03/2006 09:43

Oh well. I kind of feel better about it. My gut feeling was that cm's would be no different but my boss reckons otherwise. I was thinking about ringing a couple in the area and asking them. If they say the same thing, I can tell my boss that he is wrong. Hope he doesn't suggest a nanny.

OP posts:

bluebear · 12/03/2006 10:12

Just answered about nanny shares on your other thread


alibubbles · 12/03/2006 13:10

I do tend to think that c/m's are a bit more tolerant ( well, ~i know I am ) of snotty noses etc, which can cause conjunctivitis, and not all conjunctivitis is infectious.

I think experience tells you when a child is really ill and needs to be at home. I am used to runny bums from teething babies, babies who have also just had immunisations can often get disgusting nappies, especially after the HIB injection.

i gained a couple of babies who were pilled out of nursery by their parents as they were always having to take time off. The babies were never 'off sick' with me. In fact, one little girl I look after has never been sick in 4 years, and the other 3 years with me. I have had them both from tiny.

I know some nurseries use any excuse to send them home. ( Ducks and runs!)


bfcmdr · 12/03/2006 13:37

Totally agree with allibibbles. I too am a CM and am more tolerant of childrens illnesses, as long as they dont compromise the care of the other mindees, than nursery would be. Also think that at nursery you are more likely to pick up anything that is going around due to the number of children your kiddies are with.


springerspaniel · 12/03/2006 16:25

Yikes about the cost of a nanny. Don't think it is an option. DP might as well give up work!

Think I will have to ring round a couple of childminders in the area. If I find a good one, might go for it. I went to a childminder and if you find a good one, it feels much more like giving LO to a member of the family than nursery ever could.

OP posts:

Katymac · 12/03/2006 19:11

Whereabouts are you - we could find you a MN one?


bigisbeatifulwasoldandfat · 12/03/2006 19:47

i looked after very happy child this week with diarrohea. have had weekend from hell, cant remember when i have ever been so ill. i know i got it from all other mindees (and parents) have been going down aswell. you should consider a nanny or just accept that you will need to stay home when your child is ill. sorry if that sounds harsh.....don't mean to.


BradfordMum · 13/03/2006 08:23

Hello, I think that children pick up far less bugs when with a childminder. So in that respect, you'd need far less time off. In my opinion, if your little one is in a room with 10 other kiddies, they are far more likely to pick up something. At a Childminders, your LO will be with less children. Less kiddies = Less bugs!



pol25 · 13/03/2006 10:35

It's pretty usual for children to pick up bugs for at least six months when they first start nursery or school or a cm's. It doesn't mean they are dirty etc... just the childs way of building up their immunity.
Not many ppl would have him when he is ill. A sick bubba wants their mummy! And think of it this way, even if he was laughing and had the runs, would you want someone else's child going to nursery like this and giving it to your little one. Bugs affect all children differently and that could've made one child v.ill.
I'm afraid that illness is part and parcel of children!
If your nanny is registered by OFSTED, you can claim money back like you would with a cm or nursery. A nanny would also care for a sick child too.

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