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CM Club - Anyone with permission from Ofsted to have two under ones?

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Jackmummy · 11/03/2006 16:19

My DD is 5m and I have had an enquirey about looking after a boy of 7m. Otherwise I will only have my 3 yr old son.
What is the likelyhood to ofsted agreeing this?

OP posts:

badgerhead · 11/03/2006 16:37

It depends a bit on how long you have been registered, what training you have & done & any experience you have. Plus also you need to tell ofsted how you would cope in an emergency & what equipment etc you have or will get, e.g. double buggy, extra highchair. The best thin is to ring Ofsted & talk to them & follow it up with a detailed letter & see what they say, might take a few weeks to get organised though.


Katymac · 11/03/2006 16:37

Don't know - sorry - I got it for twins


HappyMumof2 · 11/03/2006 16:42

I'm registered for two under 1's - although I don't have two it's good to know I have the option for when dd is at nursery/school.
I only have dd,who is 2.3. The inspector agreed to register me for 2 under 1's on condition that I did some further training (have just done BT3)and because I am NNEB, have 10 yrs experience, two kids of my own and worked as a nanny previously, doing nanny shares with my own son & and another baby - and because I'd worked in a baby room at a nursery!

So, it really depends on your individual circumstances.


Jackmummy · 11/03/2006 16:59

hopefully I may be okay then.
I am an NNEB who has worked as a nanny and in schools.
I have 8 years experience in childcare since gaining my NNEB and 2 years as a registered childminder.
Already have a double buggy (actually I have two - DH says I have a buggy fetish!) and have 2 highchairs, bumbo and booster seat. So equipment wise I'm sorted.
Also maybe as neither are newborn, that may be a plus.
Will phone on monday and see. I just wanted to get back to the mother this weekend, so good to know its not totally out of the question.

OP posts:

Jackmummy · 11/03/2006 17:00

Happymumof2 - Whats a BT3?

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 11/03/2006 17:14

BT2 is Birth To Three.

Most variations to registration are only granted for continuity of care (eg. for siblings or existing mindees increasing hours/days), although even these can be turned down. It is less likely that Ofsted will grant a variation for "new business".


bfcmdr · 11/03/2006 17:58

Each are is different. I know a few childminders who have been granted variations for new business and one childminder who was newly registered and got a variation for siblings(new business) as her first mindees. She wrote to Ofsted and then they phoned her a couple of days later for a chat and got the variation within 10 days.


alibubbles · 11/03/2006 18:52

I have a variation for 4 under 5, of which 2 may be under 1. It is for specific children though, but mny cert states for the children named in the variation request of...., but they weren't born at the time, so I hadn't given names, only baby A and baby B!


diddle · 11/03/2006 19:16

I am about to request the same as you, I have my own baby due in June and also one of my current mindies's moms has just had a new baby, who will be 4 months old when i start having her.
I am also going to apply to oftsed this week, will let you know hwo i get on.
I have my BTEC and have had lots of experience with babies this age, so fingers crossed for both of us.


ThePrisoner · 11/03/2006 21:59

I wonder how Ofsted would react if I printed this thread out and posted it to them - along with the appeals made by some very experienced childminders I know who have been turned down for fairly minor variations!! I would dearly love to know why they are so haphazard in their answers. (I might wait until after my next inspection though). Smile

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