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Too many kids for 1 nanny? What do you think?

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NotveryPC · 08/03/2006 02:07

Our p/t nanny looks after my DS (1.5) & another toddler (1.5). She has to drop off my other DS (3.5) at nursery and pick up at lunch time to take home. She does this by bus - so has 2* under twos plus a 3.5 yr old on bus on way home.

Have just discovered that she arranged to bring another 3.5 yr old friend of older DS home for lunch & playdate on one day this week.

This would mean 2 preschoolers and 2 under 2's on bus & for lunch in my house. This seems too much for one nanny to me (plus am annoyed that she arranged it without checking with me first).

What do you think - is it too much?

OP posts:

SecondhandRose · 08/03/2006 07:49

What would she do if one ran away from her? Think you're right, doesn't sound very safe does it. Not so bad if she was driving but you can't strap them in on a bus.


diddle · 08/03/2006 08:06

notverypc - sounds risky to me, I am a childminder and know if i was going a short distance i could cope, but to care for that number of youngsters on a bus at once does sound a little ambitious, unless he's using buggies or wrist straps, that may be easier.
I would definitly be miffed if she had arranged all this without asking, as your childrens welfare is at stake.


NannyL · 08/03/2006 09:07

OK... yes this does sound like a lot BUT maybe people are being a little too harsh on the nanny!

Generally 'we' are responsible for looking after the children and their social development etc. Inviting one of his friends for lunch is hardly that "wrong"!!!

Ok it sounds like a lot BUT she is used to have 2 toddlers and 1 preschool child on a bus, so its only 1 more!!

Also IMO when i have my 3 year old AND her friend they are normally (in fact so far ALWAYS) very good... would probably sit even more sensibly etc.

I often arrange play dates for my charges (ok i have my own car and car seats to 'ferry' them around in) BUT if my boss was cross for me for arranging for one of my charges freinds to come and play without asking her first i would feel insulted! I do always say "i invited X for lunch / tea next Tuesday or whatever!" She never minds and is actually pleased that they have friends to play with!

After all its ME that looks after them etc!


HappyMumof2 · 08/03/2006 11:15

I think it's too many - especially for travelling on a bus.


tracyk · 08/03/2006 11:22

Could you pay for a taxi on that particular day? it sounds too much for public transport.


sinclair · 08/03/2006 12:58

We love our nanny having other kids over - it is in her job description and we think it is an important part of the job. I wouldn't expect her to check with me before she arranges playdates but of course she lets me know who they are seeing that day/week in the course of catch ups. But if you haven't discussed it before/referenced it in her contract then I would just let her know you prefer to know in advance, and then check she has enough money in the kitty for a taxi. It's a lot of work for her that afternoon but presumably she gets a sitdown when the other family invite her back over.


NotveryPC · 08/03/2006 17:56

Thanks for your replies. Glad that I'm not in a minority of one in thinking it wasn't very safe.

OP posts:

NotveryPC · 08/03/2006 18:00

Also re the issue of not telling me - I'm not really annoyed - just surprised as she normally does tell me about these things in accordance with the terms of our contract. I'm quite happy to have playdates - just like to know the details in advance. I expect she just forgot as we were all in a bit of a rush last time I saw her.

OP posts:

pol25 · 08/03/2006 18:01

I have been a nanny to three onder one before, mum had twins when her dd was 11mnths.
It was very very hard and I would have NEVER dared use public transport and these weren't really 'mobile' like two 2yr olds!!!


bigdonna · 12/03/2006 18:27

does she have the two 18 mth olds in a buggy if so ,two 3 yr olds walking,getting on bus should be ok for an experienced nanny.i think you should be happy that shes making a playdate for your my experience some nannies cannot be bothered.i nannied for 16yrs .does she have sole charge?

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