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After school ideas for girl aged 9

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frankieb · 07/03/2006 13:15

Anyone got any good ideas for a girl of 9 after school?
I think she is bored of colouring, wordsearches etc. She is on her own 3 days a week so I need things she can do herself as the other kiddes are only toddlers.

OP posts:
sassy · 07/03/2006 13:30

How about teaching her to knit?

Once she can do it, get her doing lots of squares which can then be sewn together to make blankets, scarves etc for the little ones' teddy/dolls.

Or can you find out what she likes to read and visit the library for books she's enjoy?

(Jacqueline Wilson v popular with this age)

ayla99 · 07/03/2006 14:34

Knittings a great idea. Here's some things we've done:
make your own board game, card game or comic.
Hama beads, jewellery or badge making, origami, paper aeroplanes.

If you have parent's permission to take photos of the toddlers, ask her to take photos of you with the little ones (take some of her too if her parents agree). Get her to help you make up photo album/scrap book story books I've just done one on dressing up - the kids love to find themselves in the book and its handy to show prospective parents what we do as well.

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