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Have posted this elsewhere but do any of you know........

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freshstart · 06/03/2006 16:47

which buggy board type thing will go on a maclaren twin traveller - starting to panic about school run with 2.5 yr old, 20mth old and 6 mth old

OP posts:
mumlove · 06/03/2006 19:37

I had an old umbrella maclaren double buggy and my buggyboard fitted it.

The kiddy board doesn't fit, not sure about the seat to go I have only seen them on singles but someone else might know.

HellyBelly · 06/03/2006 19:37

Not sure mate but I have a litaf seat to go and a buggy board and couldn't get them to fit on my twin pram HOWEVER I've now been told that you can get fittings that make them work - need to find that thread again though (sure it was under this section)

bluebear · 06/03/2006 19:41

I've seen 2 twin travellers with buggyboards recently and they both had the skinny 'universal' type (not the big triangular pram board) from lascal.
like the 'lady' one on here

don't know if a cheaper one would work - they had the fittings at a very odd angle (compared to the similar buggyboard I had on a single mclaren)

lexiemum · 06/03/2006 21:32

cheeky rascals website for extra fittings.

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