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Childminder's Club: Two parents have given me notice today....

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Katymac · 04/03/2006 20:12

One is off to a really good opportunity for herself and she can take babba with her....and (although completely broke) asks how much she owes please include the notice. DH & I have decided that she only needs to pay what she owes - not the notice (as long as she promises to bring her babba back to play occasionally)

The second we have struggled with for nearly 3 months he just isn't settled. She has asked for March's payment back.....or she will keep him there until the end of the month. DH & I are feelong that we have to return the money (cos we don't want the child) and she is in a powerful position and can influence other people.

Isn't it odd how people make you feel

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Cristina7 · 04/03/2006 20:29

Oh dear, two in a day. If the child is so unsettled that he needs to be withdrawn, how come the Mum would rather keep him there for one more month than not get a refund? Odd priorities, if you ask me. (Cut the nose to spite the face...)

Katymac · 04/03/2006 20:49

My opinion too......mind you we have been saying since early feb, that we felt he was unhappy

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lunavix · 04/03/2006 21:25

Oh no :( On a saturday too

I hope you fill the places quickly xx

Katymac · 04/03/2006 23:17

me's a fair bit of money

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fireflyfairy2 · 05/03/2006 00:19

what a kick in the mouth!

I loved reading that you nwould like the baby to come and play...that reminds me of my c/minder (who isn't having it easy at the minute with my dd (4) )

bobbybobbobbingalong · 05/03/2006 00:21

Call her bluff - say you'll keep the child.

Katymac · 05/03/2006 07:50

I did so she arranged a leaving date in 4 weeks time.......I discussed it with DH & rang back hours let her off

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Katymac · 09/03/2006 21:12

So I lost 3.5 days

I've had an enquiry for 5 days......Grin

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