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Spillage · 02/03/2006 21:19

Could anyone enlighten me as to how this works in really basic terms. I have approached my employer and they have said they will enter the scheme. What do I do next? The nursery where my children go also say they will accept payment direct from employers? Anyone familiar with this? Thanks for looking

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lexiemum · 02/03/2006 21:37

Ok -
nursery has to register with the voucher system used by your employer - they get an ID number.

each month or for say 3months, you order up to £216 in vouchers via your HR dept - these are taken from your salary before tax and NI are deducted. Your DH/DP can do the same on his salary if system available. You will have to give ID number of carer. Pension payments are not usually paid on this £216 either.

the voucher/s are either sent to you or direct to your childcarer and are used as full or part payment for your costs. You hand over on the 1st of mth as you would do with your cheque/cash.

childcarer receives voucher and then redeems it - either over internet or by popping into post to the admin centre. There is no cost to childcarer and takes no longer than you giving a cheque to clear.

vouchers can be split across different care providers so you could use £50/mth paying a pre-school session and the rest on nursery care.

There's loads of threads in here on mners experiences - have a search in archived messages and you'll gain all the knowledge you need to know!

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