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can anyone tell me?

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bigisbeatifulwasoldandfat · 02/03/2006 13:19

what age can a person no longer register as a minder? a relative is interested in comming to work for me and i would prefer it if she was a cm as i could then increase my numbers, thus making it more worthwhile financially. can anyone help?

OP posts:
Jensmum · 02/03/2006 13:21

I don't think there's an upper age limit

Tommy · 02/03/2006 13:23

certainly was talking to a probably 60 year old minder this morning

nzshar · 02/03/2006 13:24

I have never heard of an upper age limit either. Though having said that OFSTED may ask for an independent health check is this person is of a 'certain' age :)

nzshar · 02/03/2006 13:24

if this person

bigisbeatifulwasoldandfat · 02/03/2006 13:27

gosh, that was quick. thanks everyone

OP posts:
Isyhan · 02/03/2006 17:40

'an employee may continue in employment beyond pensionable age for as long as he is able to work, unless there is an agreed-upon retirement date or there is a recognised customary date for retirement in the trade or industry' I see no reason why a person cannot work in this 'trade' past 65. I think OFSTED would really have to give good reasons why they are picking certain individuals out for specific health checks. I would say that is discriminatory. They should receive the same health check as anyone else. You can get extremely fit 65 year olds and extremely unfit 35 year olds. Female life expectancy is 80+ now. ( you would think Im 60 Im actually 39!)

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