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Childminders Club - late payment for new mindee - advice?

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HellyBelly · 02/03/2006 08:28


I had another new baby start last Friday and we agreed for payments to be on the 1st of every month, paid into my bank account. It didn't go in yesterday and is not there this morning. I'm not sure whether I should check that the mandate has been set up? as it could just be a bank delay?? I only have mindee on Friday's on a 6 month contract so I'll see the mum tomorrow but that will be it for another week.

What would you do? Leave it bit longer or ask the mum? (I hate actually 'asking' for payment! Blush)

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fireflyfairy2 · 02/03/2006 08:29

I'd leave it until next Friday, and if it still isn't in, then I would definitely ask the mother.. you are not a charity! But the bank may be slow at setting these things up too :)

I use a childminder and I'm never ever late paying her, I'd hate for me to do a weeks work and not get paid on time!!

Twiglett · 02/03/2006 08:33

no I'd ask now

if that was the agreement then it does no harm checking up

you are running a business not a charity

you are providing the service, she should be providing the payment

she needs to chase up her bank

you do them no good letting them think the financial side is lacksadaisical

Katymac · 02/03/2006 08:51

I would definately ask her tomorrow - it is important (she needs to know her bank might have let her down) - it will be so much harder to ask on the 10th than the 3rd (honest)

ayla99 · 02/03/2006 10:00

I checked every day last week for an online transaction - when I asked on monday he looked sheepish and said oh yes I'll do it today. He didn't, he brought me cash instead. Smile

I hate to ask for payment too, but there might have been a problem at the bank or she might have forgotten. If she can tell you what date she put it through you'll know that it should appear in your account 3 working days later (or within 24 hours if you're both with the same bank).

Make sure you both are in agreement whether the 1st is the latest date she can authorise payment or whether she needs to authorise payment 3 days before this to ensure it clears to your account by 1st.

HellyBelly · 02/03/2006 11:16

Good point! She did say she was setting it up so it went in on 1st of each month but I've emailed her (needed to anyway) just to check everything is ok!

Thanks for the advice :)

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