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Retainer or deposit?

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frankieb · 01/03/2006 12:14

I have a lady coming round this evening about care before and after school for her little one from sept. She is looking for 3 days a week.
Would you charge a retainer or just take a deposit? The space is free and I am unlikely to fill it in the meantime...possibly, then again its ages till september!. Arrghhh hate all this side of things.

OP posts:
uwila · 01/03/2006 15:45

Retainer (if she agrees to it). You don't have to give it back.

HappyMumof2 · 01/03/2006 17:49

I think that far in advance I would take a deposit. That way if you fill the vacancy in the meantime you just give her the deposit back.
A retainer until September would be 6 mths money -she may agree to it, but I would personally find it quite hard to commit myself that far in advance. She may just decide if you ask for a retainer, to take her chances and come back to you nearer the time.

It's up to you though!

ThePrisoner · 01/03/2006 21:21

(Can't answer as I don't charge either!)

NoIHaventChangedMyName · 01/03/2006 21:24

Sorry can I just ask what sort of amount a deposit is likely to be? We're looking at CM atm and this is one (another!) cost I hadn't bargained for!! Grin

DS is going to be attending 3 full days a week if that makes any odds, will be arranged a few weeks in advance. Sorry for hijack.

Katymac · 02/03/2006 07:04

NIHCMN - if you are starting soon there may not be a deposit. Deposits and retainers are for a reasonably long time away to ensure you get the place and the C/Mer doesn't give it to someone else

ie Frankieb's lady wants a place in Sept - so to hold the place until then either a deposit (and if there isn't a place she returns it) or a retainer (paying for the place so no-one else can use it) are appropriate

ayla99 · 02/03/2006 09:46

Frankie - have had similar enquiry, if they want to guarantee a space they need to pay me retainer (ie, regular weekly/monthly payment) to hold the space and can use the space at any time during the retainer fee. Or they can take a chance and ring me in Aug to see if space still available, when I would want a deposit AND the first payment in advance.

NIHCMN - I charge:
4 (4 weeks notice period) x weekly fee
but can vary so you need to ask the childminders you visit. Some cms keep the deposit until the childcare arrangement ends, some credit to first months fees, others don't charge at all if you are starting straight away.

frankieb · 03/03/2006 11:39

I decided to charge a deposit of 4 weeks payment in advance which will count towards her first months fees...I am a soft touch. The family were so lovely that having the little one will be a joy anyway.
They totaly understood my reasons i.e. that they could turn round at beginning of Sept and say they didn't need the space and I would have turned other away.
Thanks for your advice

OP posts:
HappyMumof2 · 23/03/2006 13:44

asked this on the other thread, but don't want to hijack Grin

do others agree, if someone wanted a place to start September, and the place was available from end May/beginning June - would it be fair to ask for a retainer? or would a deposit be more appropriate?

Tan1959 · 23/03/2006 15:33

Happymumof2; I think that if the place was available from end May beginning June, it would be fair to charge a retainer from that month. That is what I would do in this circumstance.

Frankieb - I have had a similar situation; my baby mindee leaves in August and I have another mum who wants to fill the vacancy with her baby in September, leaving a three week gap - what I try to look at is whether I think that I can realistically fill the space, if so, then I will charge the mum that I have promised the place to, a retainer.

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