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Help im Looking for a childminder in Rugby / Daventry Area

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jackieglyn · 24/02/2006 12:29

Hi if anyone can please help, i am looking for a registered childminder / mum (fulltime - 8.30am to 5.30pm)monday to friday and live between rugby and daventry. My child is 7 months old and currently at nursery and the cost is killing me £600.00 per month.

If you know anyone who can help who can look after my little one for a little cheaper than this please contact me.

OP posts:

Isyhan · 24/02/2006 12:56

I havent got registered yet but when I do I will be charging 3.80 per hour which is the going rate round here. So per month that will be £684. If you find a cm that offers the cheapest hourly rate of £2.50 per hour that will be £450 but £2.50 is quite cheap I think. Most are about £3.00 to £3.50ph which wont be far off what you are paying now. Dont you qualify for nursery vouchers? that may help.


jackieglyn · 24/02/2006 13:33

What do you mean nursery vouchers?

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Jensmum · 24/02/2006 13:35

some companys contribute towards childcare costs with childcare vouchers - nurseries and some childminders accept these.


Katymac · 24/02/2006 13:46

childminders on here - they might be in your area?

Look at the costs from about £2.50 phr upto well over £3.50 and you are only paying £3.07 an hour


jackieglyn · 24/02/2006 14:58

thank you i will have a look!!! It would be nice though if somebody could recommend a childminder to me so i know my little one would be safe and in good hands.

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 24/02/2006 19:17

Although you might find a minder who charges as little as £2.50/hour, they may well charge for extras, like going to toddler group, meals, etc. The information on the website isn't necessarily up-to-date either. Sorry, trying not to be negative, but not doing very well!

Many childminders don't charge if they are on holiday, so you wouldn't be paying so much every month anyway as you do with nursery.

I'm afraid I can't help in the area you are looking, although it is in the next county to me! I know childminders on the very outskirts of south Northamptonshire but, according to the website, they don't exist!!


sarahbatch · 16/04/2009 23:42

hi i am a registered childminder and i live in rugby. i have a vacancy for an under 1 as i have recently finished my maternity leave. if you are still looking for a childminder please contact me firstly at [email protected] Oh sorry my name is Sarah!smile

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