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Thanks for everyone who gave me advice about childminders

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biglips · 23/02/2006 12:29

as ive found a day nursery instead as its a lovely place and its only 5 mins walking distance too

i had to drag DD out though!!! LOL!!!

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nailpolish · 23/02/2006 12:31

that sounds lovely biglips, glad your dd is happy there

(i think your dd is the same age as my dd2?)


biglips · 23/02/2006 12:32

DD is 16 mths old

OP posts:

nailpolish · 23/02/2006 12:33

yes! same as my dd2

isnt it a great age?


biglips · 23/02/2006 12:36

yes it is.... as she is on the go since 7.30 and still awake!!!

im gonna go and give her a boltle as she had finished her dinner now

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