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My childminder is wonderful!!!!

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mjp185 · 21/02/2006 19:08

Having read a fair few of the posts here, there seems to be alot of CM's out there who feel 'abused' by mindees parents.........well I'd just like to say I have had the same CM for the past 6years, for both DS's, indeed DS2 will be leaving in August to start school, she is atruly wonderful woman and has loved my 2 ds's as her own, I know that both my sons and My husband & I will miss her dearly from August, I think she is retiring then also. You are all dedicated, hard-working people IMO, and I'm extremely glad I didn't send DS's to a private nursery, lots of respect to you all xxxx

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jellyjelly · 21/02/2006 19:11

It is lovely to hear praise when it is due, just makes sure she knows how much you apprecaite her.


HellyBelly · 21/02/2006 19:24

How lovely, if only all parents were so appreciative!


PeachyClair · 21/02/2006 19:29

I have had two childminders and they were / great also... last one was a gem but we moved and thought i'd never find another one so great but did

Big YAY for CM's IME!


meggmoo · 21/02/2006 19:31

That's lovely. You lucky thing!


Tipex · 21/02/2006 19:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stramash · 21/02/2006 20:06

My CM is also fab!
DD1 has chickenpox this week and, although a bit itchy, is fine in herself. Phoned CM on Sunday to say that DH and I would take week off between us and keep dd at home. CM said not to worry , she would take her anyway ( all other mindees have had it and she checked with their parents first).
DD1 has spent day painting herself with calamine lotion ( using a paintbrush) and been more occupied than she would have been at home. She's had extra cuddles at the CM's and didn't want to come home when I collected her early!


cece · 21/02/2006 20:21

I too have a wonderful childminder.

ditto the story about chicken pox. Had both of mine who got it one after the other.

Checks evryday to see if I am late picking up dd from school on my 'at home' days. If I am late she will collect her for me.

The kids all are like part of her extended famnily.

She even offered to have dd overnight when I was having ds - if I went into labour before my mum came to stay with me!


gemmamay · 21/02/2006 20:44

I am so glad to read these posts! I am looking into a childminder for my DD and want the CM to be like an additional family member/friend.
You have all given me the hope and confidence that what I want exsists!!


PINKKIMMYLOU · 22/02/2006 11:47

My CM is fabulous too!! She does so much with my D that I literally have to fight her to come home again!!! My only worry is that my CM lives so far from me that I am having trouble placing my D in a Nursery near to CM. We have been told not in "catchment" area even though they have supposed to have done away with them. My local council told me that nursery is not compulsory. I'm just thankful that my D learns so much with CM. She is my angel in disguise!!!


PINKKIMMYLOU · 22/02/2006 11:49

Sorry!!!! Me again!!! Still getting used to all these abrieviations and was typing "D" instead of "DD". Will get it eventually (or not)!!!!!


mjp185 · 23/02/2006 22:56

glad there are more of us who REALLY REALLY appreciate our CM's. I was a full time student(dentistry) when DS1 started with CM and she lowered the fee by £5.00/wk, which was a bag of nappies 6 yrs ago and that meant alot to me on a student grant/loan, she was also fine to wait a few days if I was waiting for grant to go into bank, so I could pay her!!!! Am welling up just writing this.........what a wonderful human being she is xxxx

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