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childminder club : How ill do you have to be before you take day off?

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freshstart · 21/02/2006 08:28

I have had horrible cold/flu since Saturday.Keep hoping every day that I will be better but still feel dreadful.

Have splitting headache, sore throat, cough, feel sick, temp, aching back and legs and earache.

I have been battling on but it really is a battle.

I would love to have a couple of days off to recuperate but I just feel so bad on the parents. Especially as I have a baby starting tomorrow for first time.

How ill do you have to be before you will give in and cancel?

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 21/02/2006 09:11

When I ended up in Casualty because I was so ill, otherwise I usually end up carrying on!!


alibubbles · 21/02/2006 11:01

Message withdrawn


freshstart · 21/02/2006 13:34

Ok, Ok, point taken!!

No time off unless your dying!!

Im realllllllllllllllly struggling though - need to harden up lol

OP posts:

goosey · 21/02/2006 14:10

It's tough being self-employed when you don't get sick pay and especially hard when you are conscientious and don't want to let parents down. But surely it can't be fair to expose a baby to the flu. Chest infections and other complications are awful for little ones and it seems a bit hypocritical of minders to stay open when so many of them are very very strict about not even allowing children with nasal discharges into their setting.


HenniPenni · 21/02/2006 14:51

Agree with Goosey, the least I would do is to let babies mum know how you are feeling an take it from there.

Hope you feel better soon.


alibubbles · 21/02/2006 14:51

Message withdrawn


jellyjelly · 21/02/2006 18:45

When you fall on boxing day, ruin christmas and new year and the next few months after (and nearly the wedding)and break you leg in so many places it looks like a puzzle when the surgeons open you up. In case you hadnt guess i am still off and will be for quite a while.

Annoying things is i would love to work but cant.


freshstart · 21/02/2006 18:47

i am feeling worse

have nasty chesty cough and TMI i know but coughing up nasty stuff and have a really sore chest

I really do feel dreadful but just cant bring myself to cancel the kids tomorrow - but what use am I going to be?

This is so hard! first illness since starting

OP posts:

jellyjelly · 21/02/2006 18:52

if you feel that ill then you have to take time off and try to get better quick and not feel quilty. Very hard i know, i feel loads of guilt about my present situation but i cant do anything.


LoveMyGirls · 21/02/2006 18:53

i know how you feel im have the same as you and am going to bed at the same time as the kids today i've been like this for a couple of weeks - constant headache too im living on paracetamol just to get through the day with my own kids as luckily im not minding yet. i think if i was minding i would find it hard to cancel but i wouldnt want them to catch this either. maybe say you dont mind having them if the mum doesnt mind that you wont be up to going out and doing stuff. i know i just want to be in bed to get over it but i cant.
you have my sympathy.


lexiemum · 21/02/2006 21:40

I've been having the same symptons for four weeks now, only just feeling better after spending the last week nursing a fever and commencing antibiotics. take some time off.


ThePrisoner · 21/02/2006 22:25

freshstart - don't know if you're still up, but I think you should take tomorrow off sick, you sound as though you are really suffering.


mum2akebk · 22/02/2006 00:00

This subject is very timely as I have just taken two days off ill with d & v. Really had no option and I would not want to expose the children I care for to those horrible symptoms. However it really wasn't easy to tell parents and I hated letting parents down. Almost as bad was one of the parents asked me for an invoice so I have now realised how much money being ill has cost me! Oh well I'm all better now and open tomorrow. Hope you feel better soon too.


freshstart · 22/02/2006 09:27

Well I decided last night to take today off. Spoke to my parents about it.

BUT one of them arrived this mornign anyway, her husband hadnt given the message!!

grrr so im minding anyway

OP posts:

LoveMyGirls · 22/02/2006 11:22

freshstart - cant you phone them and say you have decided you need the rest of the day off? ive just been to the doctors and ive got synisyis (spelling?) so ive got tablets and nasal spray. Maybe you need something too? im hoping i will feel better in a couple of days now.


ThePrisoner · 22/02/2006 19:07

freshstart - I think it's a bit of a cheek that the mum still expected you to have the child once she knew you were off sick! I hope you didn't have too bad a day (and hope that the other parents don't get shirty when they know you've had a child there!!!)


freshstart · 22/02/2006 19:35

I know The prisoner I was fairly annoyed to be quite honest.

She obviously needed me very much to have her as she collected early and came with a lovely bunch of flowers and a cake so I suppose I can forgive ;)

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 22/02/2006 20:31

Perhaps she wants to keep you sweet so that you work tomorrow!!

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