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childminder club- nothing to do with cm but must get off chest long sorry!

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Isyhan · 20/02/2006 18:57

This is nothing to do with cm but feel I must get my awful 24 hrs off my chest!! Last night the cat ate my daughters gerbil, she was and still is heartbroken, the builders turned up to start my kitchen extension and he told me I would need to get my gas meter moved which when I called the company they said it would take 6 weeks, I got in the car to drive to the pet shop to buy a new gerbil and the car battery was flat, I tried to jumpstart it with crying child and baby in the back but that didnt work, I called my sister in law to take my daughter to pet shop she got there and they said you cant get another gerbil they would kill one another so my daughter lost it completely, I went out briefly and got back to find neighbour ranting as the builder had knocked down her garden wall accidently so she ranted at me instead! Im sat here drinking wine and watching my registration getting further away!!

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 20/02/2006 19:11

and for you and dd.

joanna4 · 20/02/2006 19:24

Tomorrow is a whole new day chin up!

HellyBelly · 20/02/2006 21:01

You poor thing, what a nightmare Hope your DD feels better soon, how old is she?

Anyway, enjoy the wine and hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

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