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CM Club - Is this grounds for giving notice?

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Booh · 20/02/2006 12:45

Hello all

Right then I have one little boy whose mum is always sending, or trying to send him to me when he is ill!

Three times she has left him with me knowing that he has been sick in the night, and once he was sick in the car on the way to me and she didn't say anything! And then I have to send him home after he has been sick, and infected the rest of us!

Again this morning she arrived and announced that 'they had all been ill all weekend!' when I asked when the little boy was last sick she said, oh about 3am! So she was sent home!

He was also sent to me with chicken pox, but fair enough she probably didn't know.......and the amount of colds and temps has been unreal!

I am so sick of this, and so sick of us being ill,DD was almost admitted to hospital after the last bug we got. Can I give notice? Not too worried as I will fill space easily!

OP posts:

uwila · 20/02/2006 12:49

Can't you give notice for any reason at all? Do you have to justify it?


nzshar · 20/02/2006 12:57

I'm with uwila there. It's termination of contract that you are giving and as long as it is done within the contract eg. 4 weeks written notice etc then no reason has to be given at all.


jellyjelly · 20/02/2006 13:10

Yes, i would give notice if she has no respect for you at all, after all she would proably complain if you were off sick and couldnt look after her little one.

It really bugs me when parents dont relise this then we get blaimed when we get sick.


HellyBelly · 20/02/2006 13:14

You don't need a reason as long as you stick to the notice period in your contract. And I totally agree, you shouldn't have to put up with this - it annoys me too! Give notice!


lunavix · 20/02/2006 13:26

I have a mum that does it, but with a huge amount of CMs around here I don't think I'll fill the space (I am top of CIS list and have had no calls) so I can't give notice. I shall though, should I get someone to fill space.


Isyhan · 20/02/2006 18:50

lunavix- have you thought that it may be putting other parents off though if you're caring for a sick child all the time. Or wouldnt it I dont know?


DominiConnor · 27/02/2006 23:05

I can see the point of view for the mother, does she work ? The child sounds like he's sick more often than others, and holding down a job may be driving her to act unreasonably.

As Ishyan says, what about the other kids though ?
You can't stop kids getting bugs, but you have duty to do your best.
Also, these have been unpleasant but hardly dangerous conditions. But I assume you've not had more than standard first aid ? Small kids occasionally go downhill quickly, what if you have to rush the kid to a doctor ?
Again you can't guarantee that will never happen, but, you want the smallest chance you can get.

For me it's harder to say lose her, but I can't see an alternative though.


joanna4 · 28/02/2006 18:48

When i was minding I had a mum who would send a child so full of cold he couldnt open his eyes and his cough was horrendous too.I kept saying to her take him to docs and would get -oh its his teeth coming through.One day he was so ill he collapsed when he got home turned out to have chronic asthma she was full of apology after saying she should have listened but he was really ill and she shouldnt have brought him.


Isyhan · 01/03/2006 10:51

I think parents should be done for neglect sometimes. Its just not acceptable to let a child get like that. He could have died. Many people do from asthma every year.

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