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Nursery to Childminder - Help Please! A bit long!

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gemmamay · 19/02/2006 22:33


I currently work 3 full days a week and DD goes to a super nursery 2 days and 1 day to my husbands mum.
My hours are changing to 5 half days but my nursery doesn't do half days - so 4 full days will double my nursery bill.
As nursery doesn't do half days the day isn't set up for this so if I pick DD up half way through the day it might be in the middle of an activity etc etc which may frustrate her and them. Also don't want her to be in childcare for 4 full days.
So I was thinking of moving towards DD going to a childminder - anyone else done this? did the little one cope OK and what should i expect from a childminder?


OP posts:

bluebear · 19/02/2006 22:54

A lot of the nurseries round here are set up to do half days - so if you prefer nursery care you could look for another nursery as well as considering childminders.
I've no experience with childminders but am going through a nerve-wracking (for me not the kids) transition from nursery to nanny. Good luck.


ThePrisoner · 20/02/2006 00:27

I'm a childminder, and had a 23 month old start with me full-time from being at nursery full-time. Have to say that she settled in immediately with no problems whatsoever, but that's probably because the nursery was awful, and she was really unhappy there!!

gemmamay - how old is your dd?


nannynick · 20/02/2006 07:26

Unusual I feel that a nursery would not accomodate a half-day. Nurseries I've temped at, often have parents collect their child either immediately before Lunch, shortly after lunch, or during the afternoon nap period.

As Prisoner asks... the age of the child concerned is useful to know to help advise further.


gemmamay · 20/02/2006 09:37

she is 3 in june. thanks for all the help so far!

OP posts:

Jackmummy · 20/02/2006 11:16

I'd say it would probably depend alot on the childminder that you find.
If s/he takes the children out on activities and to toddler groups she'll still be mixing with lots of children her own age.
I assume that she has a keyworker at her nursery, so she'll be used to being cared for by a particular adult.
Plus many cm's homes are much like a nursery with toys and pictures up.
At least at nearly 3 you can explain to your DD that she is going somewhere new to play.
I wouldn't worry too much. I recently changed my DS's pre school, he is 3 in April, and he hasn't really batted an eye lid! Children supprise you at times.
JM x

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