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childcare voucher

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mafalda1 · 19/02/2006 21:05

Childcare Vouchers:
I have been asked if i can accept them. The vouchers are for a total of £50 per week. Does any one have any info. As when I googled I found so many different types just got more confused.
Thanks for any help.

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Katymac · 19/02/2006 21:11

What company are they from?

Bink · 19/02/2006 21:20

If it's £50/week, it's very likely vouchers from the Government Approved Childcare scheme - the link has various FAQs. What it means is that parents can use some of their pre-tax pay to pay for childcare, so making a significant saving.

Katymac · 19/02/2006 21:25

That's kinda worrying - I'm not an approved childcarer...bu&&er

Katymac · 19/02/2006 21:26

No it's for nannies not minders

mafalda1 · 19/02/2006 21:32

Thanks for the info. The mother works for the NHSS. I will have a look at the link.

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mafalda1 · 19/02/2006 21:41

From what i can see the parents save money, but I would have to out lay 96 to be approved. How is this going to make chilminders interested in the scheme. If you have done your induction to childming you can be an approved childcarer.

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Katymac · 19/02/2006 21:50

No good for us - but I'll ring the phone no tomorrow to check

mafalda1 · 19/02/2006 22:06

let us know what you find out. Thanks again

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mafalda1 · 19/02/2006 22:06

let us know what you find out. Thanks again

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alibubbles · 20/02/2006 07:30

Message withdrawn

ayla99 · 20/02/2006 11:34

As well as nannies, childminders who don't have to be registered with Ofsted (eg, grandparents or carers of over-eights) can choose to get approved with surestart to enable them to take the vouchers.

If you're already registered with Ofsted, you don't need to apply to surestart as you are already approved.

I currently take Allsave vouchers. There's so many schemes its quite confusing. The parent should be able to give you a sign-up pack or a phone number to register.

As with any change to payments, I tell parents I'm happy to give any scheme a trial but if there are any problems (like being paid late) its back to cash.

nannynick · 21/02/2006 14:57

For anyone interested, I'm currently disputing the fees charged by CAS (Childcare Approval Scheme), as it's hardly fair that childminders pay £14 and nannies pay £96. Equality in childcare, I think not! To me it is more like Daylight Robbery... can CAS really justify their fees?

I'm still waiting for Teachers to be able to benefit from Childcare Vouchers. There has been some recent news on developments to enable teachers to use vouchers, but I'm not sure if our current government will make the necessary changes to legislation before April... so roll on another year where those parents who need the financial help with childcare, don't get it due to Red Tape.

goldenoldie · 21/02/2006 15:18

nannynic - let us know how you get on, or if you need some support. It is outrageous.

mafalda1 · 22/02/2006 23:05

How is anyone suppose to be able to offer childcare be it nannies or childminders.
Thanks for all the info.

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