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a question for the childminders

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biglips · 16/02/2006 22:37

me and dp had decided that i go back to work full time and put my DD in with a childminder (we know a reg childminder so hope she got some spaces or if she knows any other recommended reg childminders).... problem is ive got a clingy 16 m old DD so i would like to get a childminder sorted....

is there is trial period where i can take DD to try out for her to settle? and is there a cost too? as we've got no money at all to pay for the childcare cost hence me need to go back to work!

what do i do?

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 16/02/2006 22:56

If a parent wants to settle a child in with me, they are welcome to visit and stay for a while when it's convenient for both of us. I wouldn't charge for this.

If a parent leaves their child with me, even if it is for an hour, I would charge. Sorry if that sounded a bit blunt!

I've had clingy children who have a very long settling-in period over several months, with regular visits with parent and on their own. I've also had clingy children who have come for a couple of hours on a couple of occasions, and then "start properly".

It's very difficult to decide the best way to do it, it's very dependent on how you feel about it and, obviously, whether the minder has a space to accommodate solo visits by the child prior to starting.


HappyMumof2 · 17/02/2006 08:01

Message withdrawn


nailpolish · 17/02/2006 08:29

hi (im not a cm!)

but ive used one in the past for dd1

my advice biglips would be to take dd to the childminder 2 or 3 times and stay with her, for an hour or so, then leave her 2 or 3 times (or longer, dep on how she goes) for a couple of hours at a time, perhaps over a busy time like lunch, or after school when there may be more children there for her to play with, take her mind off things a wee bit and distract her from you not being there

and while you have this free time, keep busy yourself!

the cm will charge for these sessions, but because its only a couple of hours it wont be too much

good luck biglips and dd!


Booh · 17/02/2006 09:18

I am a childminder and I normally get mum to come with mindee a few times to play - then the mindee come for two hours - then maybe four hours and have lunch and a sleep. I DON'T CHARGE FOR THESE!! As I would much rather everyone is happy before I waste my time and money on sorting out paperwork etc etc

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