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Claiming back for your own child?

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juliaemma · 15/02/2006 18:12

I was in a group of childminders the other day and there was a bit of a debat about claiming back on your tax return, for taking your own child out, with the minded children. Some said they didnt claim back the expence of their own child, while others said they did, as there child is hving to come to and maybe an expence you wouldnt normally have. What do you lot do???

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ThePrisoner · 15/02/2006 18:27

I don't think you can put down anything for your own child as that is nothing to do with your childminding business. If you have to pay for yourself, then you can include that (eg. entrance to wildlife park, swimming).


HellyBelly · 15/02/2006 18:35

Yeah, I was told I can't claim for anything I buy for ds (i.e. entry to places, food out etc)


ThePrisoner · 15/02/2006 18:39

... and my chocolate ... because it is essential to my childminding day ...


Jensmum · 15/02/2006 21:58

I've been told that you can claim back because you have to take them or you can't take your mindee's.


HellyBelly · 15/02/2006 22:37

Well I was told definitely not I wonder why, yet again, we are all told different things??


ThePrisoner · 15/02/2006 23:02

Because OFSTED and the Inland Revenue are going to take over the world by mass confusion.


Booh · 16/02/2006 12:22

YES you can! If you are making a specific trip with mindees and you take along your own child then you can claim back their entrance fee / food etc. But NOT if you would be taking your own child anyway! Feck knows how the IR know I claim for everything!

Trust me this is my 'second' job!


HellyBelly · 16/02/2006 12:40

Really Booh - this makes a MASSIVE different for me as I have no choice but to take ds but I was told I definitely CANNOT claim - this was IR business adviser.

What's your second job then?


Booh · 16/02/2006 13:34

I am a compensation and benefits analyst - money/tax/NI/insurence/pension etc etc! I help companies or indviduals organise how to pay less tax/NI - what health plan to use etc etc!

Have found in my experence that if you do not take the 'piss' with the IR re expenses then they don't really care! There not bothered by the odd £5 here and there! They have more important people to worry about!


Isyhan · 16/02/2006 13:41

Ooh I might be talking to you again Booh. Especially at tax return time?!!


juliaemma · 16/02/2006 14:18

Thanks booh, very helpful. I know this subject seemed to create a big debate!! Its annoying when evryone gives different answers and your still nnot sure what to do!!! So thanks, will keep start doing that then.xxxxx

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