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Childminders Club - Questions about accounts

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Jensmum · 12/02/2006 20:24

I'm getting a bit confused with my accounts at the minute

Do I need to get a new accounts book for the start of April or do I just use my old one until it runs out in July?

What happens with tax forms are they sent out automatically or do I need to request one?

Do I need to use an NCMA accounts book or can I just have a record on the computer?


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katymac · 12/02/2006 20:30
  1. you can decide your Tax Year - I use Apil to April as it makes my accounts easier - you can either do July to July (if that's when you started) or July to April then April to April - It's up to you
    2)If you have registered with the IR as a SE person they will send out a self assessment - when you get it check if you are eligible for a short one - if you are you need to ring and request one (you can do it all on-line - but you need to register now)
  2. You only need accounts it doesn' matter what format (I found the NCMA one a nightmare - not enough space - but other people love them)

    Good luck - just ask if you have any other Q's (I used to work for the IR)
Jensmum · 12/02/2006 20:57

Thank you

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