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Childminder's Club: I have OFSTED in next week any hints or tips?

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katymac · 09/02/2006 19:43

Well that's it really

OP posts:
teddyedwards · 09/02/2006 20:12

Dunno if this will be useful or not, but i am due a visit soon so i am trying to plan what i will do for that day. I have gone through my paperwork to make sure it is up to date.(It is coz for my registration visit, the ofsted lady gave me the impression i would be shot at dawn if it wasn't).
I have 2 main problems which i need to sort; The older kids get bored about an hour before the end of a session, and although i can usually solve it, there will be added pressure on the day so i am going to get something different craftwise for them to do. They will not know what it is until 'bored time'. Also my baby loves to join in with older kids crafts but all she wants to do is eat the glue, paint, playdough, feathers, pompoms, dried pasta etc. so i am going to get some digestive biscuits and writing icing for her to do then it doesnt matter if she eats her artwork. I will also check my garden as we havent used it all winter and it has probably become hazard heaven. Make sure you have put petfood out of the kids reach as this also seems to be a cardinal sin, and just check everything for safety. If Ofsted are not impressed let me know and i will scrap all the above and think again.

katymac · 09/02/2006 20:20

I'd do the writing with icing with the older children too - they normally love it (see if you can get halloween colours if they are boys (not steriotyping honest))

Nice idea - I may steal it..........

OP posts:
katymac · 09/02/2006 22:14

I'll tidy the garden this weekend unless it snows......

My paperwork is up to date

Must do Self assesment from website

final tidy round on Monday am

Anything else

OP posts:
teddyedwards · 09/02/2006 22:42

i heard somewhere that we should receive self assesment forms and birth to three stuff before ofsted visit. I have had nothing yet and i know i am to be inspected sometime in the next month or so. Should i chase it up.

badgerhead · 10/02/2006 06:25

Self assessment forms are downloadable off the Ofsted website from the publications for childcarers bit. The B23 pack can be ordered from the Dfes, you need to go to their website find the telephone number & ring through, it is free (the pack that is, not the phone call)

katymac · 10/02/2006 07:32

How do you assess yourself?

I know I am "Good" on all five

I think I am outstanding on at least 2 - is it cheeky to put that?

OP posts:
Isyhan · 10/02/2006 08:17

On the OFSTED wbsite there is a document called 'are you ready for your inspection?' it has self- assessment tool in that.

katymac · 10/02/2006 08:31

I was kind of thinking about whether the OFSTED inspector would be put off by me thinking I'm outstanding at something

Is it too boastful?

OP posts:
HellyBelly · 10/02/2006 10:22

I always down grade myself due to my own confidence issues. Tbh, I don't actually agree with those bits on the form as people quite often feel awkward putting they are really good, even if they are. I think I put good as my highest but then it was my first inspection. I ended up with 2 outstandings so I don't reckon the self assessment makes a huge difference - I may be wrong though.

Good luck

katymac · 10/02/2006 10:25

When my ladies were inspected the lady suggested that I might get outstanding on 4 out of 5...but I can't put that on the form...can I?

OP posts:
Fifi1976 · 10/02/2006 10:31

You could be tbh, I reckon you'll get them without putting it but then again, you should be putting what you think so go for it (it's only coz I find all that stuff hard myself )

Must go as parent due now for contract signing!

Good luck

HellyBelly · 10/02/2006 10:32

Ooops - used my advertising name - always messing up like this!

katymac · 11/02/2006 08:33

OK house is clean (ish)
Childminding room is clean & tidy
I've given myself two goods and 3 outstandings

I've just got to do the filing & sort out the towel hooks and I'm done

OP posts:
katymac · 13/02/2006 07:55

OK - so now I'm gibbering......

OP posts:
teddyedwards · 13/02/2006 11:26

oh help, i knew it would be soon, but it may be tomorrow.Just had a chat with my inspector and she said that the thing most people fall down on is legal paperwork stuff. Accident book, consent forms , medicine admin. etc. Don't know if you are being done now katymac, but good luck. Let me know if writing icing is a hit.

katymac · 13/02/2006 11:31

Not yet...I'll let you know

OP posts:
katymac · 13/02/2006 17:19

It went very well

What a relief

Over for at least three years

OP posts:
HellyBelly · 13/02/2006 17:34

That's a yes then (to message on other thread). Glad it went well, what did you get then? Take it the self assessment form didn't make a huge difference then? Didn't think it would - don't actually see the point in that bit tbh!

katymac · 13/02/2006 17:46

Well I don't know

DH got what he ticked

I didn't (significantly)

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