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childminder rates in london

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ivet83 · 09/02/2006 11:41

hi i can see many of you are discussing the rates so is there anyone who works as a childminder in much do you charge?is it very different from the country side?

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HappyMumof2 · 09/02/2006 13:06

Message withdrawn


hana · 09/02/2006 13:14

I am in W London and pay £4.50/hour, times 2 for 2 children


oldandfat · 09/02/2006 13:26

I am in Croydon and charge £4.00 per hour. This is in line with the other minders in the area.


goldenoldie · 09/02/2006 15:46

Hanna - wow, she/he must be raking it in. That is more than I pay in central london for a fully qualified sole charge nanny to look after baby twins! (£8ph).


foxinsocks · 09/02/2006 15:50

round here it is around £6ph but that figure is reduced depending on the number of children

goldenoldie, with a childminder you don't pay tax on top - I imagine your £8ph is net.


HappyMumof2 · 09/02/2006 16:13

Message withdrawn


goldenoldie · 09/02/2006 17:11

I note the Daycare Trust has found that childminders are charging more than nannies now because they charge per child, whereas nannies charge per family.


ivet83 · 09/02/2006 17:37

thank you was helpful

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